iPhone 11 Pro Max "Real Review"

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iPhone 11 Pro Max “Real Review”
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  1. Ppl can say what they want about iPhone. Android got more features and all that but ios still beats android sw all day long. Iphones dont lag like certain androids do. And for most users simplicity is better than having a million features. Most ppl who got the galaxy complain about iphones dont got certains features dont even use majority of the features. The quality of apps on iphones are alot better too.

  2. All these phones are shit stop promoting old technology
    Any phone with a punch whole or cut out is old technology
    Get with the program
    Mi even went backgrounds on some dumb shit
    I don't wanna see nothing on the front of my phone, simple

    FYI Mi Mix 3 still my favorite phone for practical reason wireless charging nothing on the screen storage ridiculously excellent battery👌🏾 my phone never dies flashlight on selfie camera 4k OLED 💯🔥

  3. If the iphone had expandable storage,sure i make the swicth from android.BUT it don't, so am sticking with android it's cheaper to buy a micro SD card than paying for more storage.

  4. Don't forget to mention on the next video that if you don't have internet connection on the iPhone the "imessage" will not work. So the imessage is not a true text as it only works via internet.

  5. I know you’re a smart guy, so I’m curious as to why you don’t just have contacts on your iPhone sync to your Google Account. Having an iPhone only contact seems inefficient. Love the videos either way.

  6. Hey Floss just want to say big thanks on this video. It helped make the decision to make this purchase a few months back. This phone is certified and I have no regrets. Question the pitaka case, is the magnets strong enough to rock in a semi truck?

  7. Yo. Floss u keeps it 💯 .. love your channel . Lookin to get the big boy NOTE 10 ULTRA. I want to know can you still text and surf with this phone. I will be changing to T-Mobile as my carrier. Thanks..

  8. Who's here in 2020 with floss complaining about the dongle. 2019 floss doesn't know apple won't put the charger in the box in 2020 😑 I always watch the previous review then the new review to see how things have changed. Floss is right to be mad in both cases!