iPhone 11 Pro Max Review: 6 Months Later

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What’s up every body? My name is Jonathan Casey, welcome to my channel! It’s hard to believe that the iphone 11 pro max was released 6 months ago. So, I find it only fitting to share my iphone 11 pro max 6 months later experience so you can hear my thoughts and a phone that still might not be enough. For more apple iphone 11 pro max videos make sure to subscribe. I’m currently working on a galaxy s20 ultra vs iphone 11 pro max comparison that you won’t want to miss. If you haven’t checked out my other reviews make sure to do so. Lastly, if you want to see a whats on my iphone 11 video let me know in the comments!

1:30 – Design and Durability
2:38 – Ergonomics and Size
3:00 – Media Consumption
4:05 – Performance
5:15 – Software / iOS 13.4
6:15 – Battery Life and Charging
7:25 – Camera
8:55 – Photo and Video Editing
9:30 – Conclusion

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  1. I prefer the gold , I bought it from app brand new which i never do i’m a second hand kind of guy. But i thought considering it looked so good looking i pulled 1200 out cause it was so good looking .

    And the IOS 14 is great at the moment.

  2. If you manage to kill an 11 Pro Max in a day then you seriously need to get a fucking life and stop staring at the damn thing… I watched almost 14 hours of youtube at the airport once and was still at 36%… Seriously how the hell do you guys kill that thing…

  3. Hei, what’s that game on your phone..? Great video, I’m bying the 1q pro Max, I do not ned 5G this year, I do not want to pay extra for that, In Norway we do not have that yet in my town 🙂

  4. The widgets thing and the default apps thing are both confirmed for iOS 14. In fact, you can actually test them right now with the iOS 14 public beta. You should give it a shot

  5. Watching this on my iPhone 11 Pro Max in gold (256GB), which I got yesterday and it’s a great phone, I’m not concerned about screen refresh rates as my iPhone is fast enough and neither is the average users and as for your complaints about iOS? I like iOS as it is and I don’t think it needs too much of a tweak and iOS 14 will answer your prayers (and mine) with default apps.Anyway great review.

  6. Bro wireless charging is the worst you can do. It heats up your phone. Common sense. Heat is the biggest enemy for a lithium battery. That’s the real reason it burned out not the iPad charger. Lol

  7. Is a Note 8 to iPhone 11 Pro Max a decent enough jump to justify that much money? Note 8 battery is starting to get meh and I cracked the screen but besides that it works fine. Just getting a craving for something new.

  8. Hi Jonathon….currently got the Note 10+ 5G. Even though I think it's a fantastic phone with crackin' pics…screen (and, everything really), I think (for me) it's just a bit too big! I've always been an Android guy, but was wondering if I should go for either the IP11 or IP11 Pro fpr a change? Apart from an iPad, I'm not reigned-in to the walled-garden as yet. Waddya think….IP11 or OnePlus 8/Pro (or something else?? 👍

  9. is the pro max worth the extra money over the SE, like for what you pay (2 cameras, battery life etc) I picked the SE because I couldn't justify the cost especially with the 12 coming out, but I would definitely look into the 11, but then again its too close to the XR so SE it was for me! I even considered the XS but I dont know why I picked the SE better

  10. The 11 Pro Max I purchased ended up malfunctioning and I used my warranty to get a new one. The battery life is absolutely incredible. I do my best to never allow my phone to drop below 30%, and I try not to charge it past 80%. I do this by having a fast car charger, and I charge while I’m on my way to work. The charging speeds are incredible compared to the old iPhones I used to have. I purchase only Anker fast-charging products, and they charge around 4 percentiles per minute on average. The camera is more than enough for someone like myself who just takes pictures for personal use. The 4K option for both front and back camera use is incredible. Now, I’m not an iPhone bootlicker either. The phone is huge. I have a pretty large hand, and I use my right hand mostly to scroll. I have trouble touching the bottom left part of my screen all the time and my phone falls because of it. It’s fine using it with two hands. The screen scratches fairly easily without a screen protector, but I’ve dropped it plenty of times on hard surfaces and the phone has never even scratched. I was an Android user that bought this because of the stainless steel body, and I don’t regret it whatsoever.

  11. IOS MIGHT be getting better….BUT Siri…….STILL SUCKS!!! 
    And while A lot of you think IOS is the bees knees…..It may be more secure than Android, but Android offers a more interactive and personal experience, which one can secure like the IOS software