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Hey loves, I am so blessed to be able to upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro Max! This phone is nice and sleek and the camera quality on this 11 pro max is amazing! I, of course, highly recommend the iPhone 11 Pro Max to my tech-savvy people, you’ll love it! We are on the road to 700 subscribers!! Be sure to like and comment down below! Stay tuned for many many many more videos coming your way!

IPhone case:

IPhone screen protector:

0:00 Intro
0:28 Unboxing
4:30 iPhone Set Up
6:40 Screen Protector Application
10:12 Subscriber Giveaway Information
11:29 iPhone Comparison
13:13 Outro
13:50 Camera Quality Check

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  1. I got the 11 , the pro and the max the same as the 11 just got a extra zoom which ain’t worth that much money to me but I hope you love your phone 😘❤️

  2. The pro max is 6.5 in with an all screen display
    The 8+ I think is a 5.5 in with the normal screen
    The charger is USBC to lighting cable with fast charging.
    All I had to do at Verizon was swap the SIM card. Then 2 weeks later get a new SIM card cause mine had an error that made the data get disabled when I used wifi. So the guy who helped me with the phone was the one who changed the SIM cards. Lol I got lucky with that he knew everything about my account cause I came in on the 1st.
    I should have known something was wrong with my SIM card cause iMessage would not activate with my phone number.

  3. I have a gold iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb. I had an 11 but it broke. So Verizon let me get a pro max cause the 11 was out of stock. I wanted a silver but I am growing to like the gold, I didn’t like the midnight green and I had the space gray 11. I got an apple leather case, a antibacterial tempered glass protector, and a wireless charger. I will say Verizon had a good deal that day. My pro max needed an update a couple hours after I got it. At least we got updates right away

  4. I know I'm late but I'm getting this phone on Sunday and im so excited. I was trying to wait for the 12 but the leaks have out me off of the design :/

  5. I feel like all the 11 is the same u just get the extra zoom and the extra camera for the zoom that’s all ….. but I got the green iPhone 11

  6. I have had mine since May and I love this phone I got the green in 64gb (I know why only 64 because I literally don’t use that many apps but I have heck of iCloud storage though) ❤️😊

  7. It needs the update because since it's a phone that was released September 2019 and you bought it on July 2020, it means that the phone was fresh and came with the iOS 13.0 and we are at 13.6 already so yeah that's it

  8. okay wait, you are me and i am you lmaooo. I don't even wanna upload mine after watching this! You are hilarious. I waited patiently to open it and record too haha. I didn't get to get much of my reaction like you did cause I was recording on my phone, but I swear all of your reactions were mine!! And you are beautiful btw 😍😍. I feel like the phone didn't seem big to us cause we already had the 8 plus. ppl who felt it was big probably had regular sized phones lol