iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S20 Ultra camera comparison

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How does Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra compare to Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max? In this comparison, we look at photo and video quality from the two cameras, including the 100x space zoom and 8K video recording on the S20 Ultra.

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  1. Witch camera would you say is better if you were going to take alot of pictures of cars, videos of moving cars and blogging in a car? I want start on a phone camera and then once my skills are better I will move to an actual camera

  2. I have the note 10 plus Star Wars edition. I love it! But I was wondering if I should sell it before the note 20 comes out, and cop the s20 (smallest one). My main focus are the cameras, photographing people in particular. I’m so confused on whether I should sell it?

  3. Apple delivers best camera quality and I still prefer it today. Ultra has high spec but disappointing, day time shots come with darker shadows / under exposed or crushed shadows, smoothening still exists even when turned off, 8k could be better, and auto focus issues just unbearably disgusting. S20 series is already eliminated from being best camera of 2020 leaving iPhone 12 pro, pixel 5 and Huawei mate 40pro and iPhone will still have no contest on video recording. Samsung fans are so hilarious, losers misleading poor Samsung 😆

  4. I get to upgrade in a month. I've had a wonderful experience with my Note 9 (got it the week it came out) I just don't want to give up my aux port 😭 should I wait for the new note to drop later this year or buy the S20??

  5. 7 yrs ago iphone was number # 1 , and today iphone is number #3 Huawei p40 pro is number # 2 and s20 ultra is number #1 , i had the 5 5s and 6 , i switch to s9 plus and now the s20 plus , and next yr maybe 🤔 Huawei ? or samsung again 🤓

  6. Thinking of upgrading to the S20 Ultra from the Note 9 But as I also use Mac stuff and my partner has an iPhone and I am using my amazing 15" Macbook PRO 5YRS OLD and as good as new bar a little stiff control pad I was leaning towards the iPhone 11 Pro Max in Green……Argh no idea what to do…I know 1st world probs eh. Plse let me know.

  7. Am a user of both Samsung and iphone from s7 until ultra and iPhone 6s to pro max😂😂I don’t know how u compare the Samsung camera with iPhone camera…Samsung cam always artificial and display will be irritating if u use Long hours in Samsung…iPhone is unique though I love android customisation…hardware there is no way Samsung can compete with iphone…the 12mp is better than 108 Mp in Samsung except if u zoom in to depth and find the difference…

  8. iPhone 11's camera doesn't even need a comparison, the s20 ultra destroys everything about the iphone 11. There are way more smartphones that have camera technology way above the at which apple produces