iPhone 11 Pro Max vs OnePlus 7 Pro – Speed Test! Which is Faster?!

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iPhone 11 Pro Max vs OnePlus 7 Pro speed test comparison! Which is faster?!

Get the iPhone 11 Pro Max here:

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Sony 16-50mm Kit Lens:
Sennheiser AVX ME2 Lav Mic:

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  1. Really not happy with my new oneplus 7 'pro' :<( It's not as smooth as iphones gestures and IOS not the display itself. Everybody attacking me saying, Oneplus has an 90hz while iphone has a 60 hz!!! UUGHH the iphone is so trassssshh. WTF Iphones is the smmothest phone in the world because of IOS. If apple now added an 90 hz + ios that would be like an 300hz display. So after all…

  2. It's fun and all watching videos. And it's cool having a speedy phone . Heck it's even fun laughing at apple products! But at the end of the day we like what we like whether it's Apple Sammy, Android ,windows , Blackberry…
    iPhone products are nice also but I prefer Android.

  3. iPhone 11pro max is the premium model, why not compete with the premium model fr 1plus7 ie 1plus7 pro 5G. Where 5G is available, iphone 11pro max will lose badly to 1plus7 pro 5G in speed performance test on line whether gaming download or opening online apps. The download speed for 1plus7 pro 5G is more than 10 times faster than iphone 11 pro max.