iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Samsung Note 10 Plus HDR Picture Comparison

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We compare the HDR picture quality between the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Note 10 Plus.

The Samsung Note 10+ has a larger screen size of 6.8 inches, whereas the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is smaller at 6.5 inches.

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  1. Hello Vincent. Thanks for this amazing detailed comparison. Please also review sony xperia mark 2 4k screen 2020 model. I opt to buy it but need review please

  2. I would say that the difference is YT quality isn’t because YT is more optimized on Android, but rather because Google wants to keep 1440p as a competitive advantage.

  3. However, in fact, the pro max or note10 screen you buy will be yellow, and the gray scale performance is very poor. I guess Samsung and Apple have frauds in quality control.(From Google Translate)

  4. it's funny how for the longest time Apple sucked with media playback in general…now they support dolby vision and they calibrate their shit to movie industry standards (for their consumer products) out of the factory. everyone else not doing the same, especially Sasmung, should be ashamed.

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  6. Some Samsung fans really shouldn't watch this video because some of them can't accept that Apple, even while using a "Samsung display", uses a better display overall… That's the magic of calibration.

  7. I can't get HDR on my galaxy s9 in any app but YouTube running android pie 1 UI. Not even the locale video app activates HDR. I have tried to download the UHD/HDR movies I have purchased from the movies anywhere and vudu apps to see it would make a difference but still doesn't work. Anyway I doubt this will ever be fixed but can anyone tell me if this is still an issue on the s10 series? Does HDR work universally on iPhone devices? Any help is much appreciated

  8. Apple advertises 1200 nit peak in HDR content. Is this just a flat out lie on Apples part? Also, did you ever felt close to 1200 in your tests? Based on your video, It seems like Apple may have falsely advertised 1200nits based on your findings

  9. You disabled auto brightness which doesn't allow the full brightness of the samsung phone. Auto brightness needs to be calibrated to display HDR at its brightest. The brightness of these phones should not be this close. Also wondered why this phone didnt look as bright as the iphone initially myself but once you set the brightness right its night and day compared to the iphone.

  10. It's not the iPhone screen on the iPhone that's amazing, it's the Samsung screen on the iPhone that's amazing.. lol.. for Netflix that is.. not for YouTube or Amazon Prime.. Just saying

  11. Hi Vincent.. Plz review Sony xperia 1 screen as it's only phone with 4k HDR and if possible one plus 7 Pro.. Thank u 🙂