iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing 😱

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WHAT AN EXPENSIVE UPGRADE…. yikes but also wow😅 Watch this video to see the sleek packaging it comes in and how the back of the phone looks now because WOW they changed that phone UP😱 Its so elegant now???? idk how to explain- just watch the vid!

thanks for watching guys!!!
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  1. Seeing it automatically turn on makes me sad because I just got this phone today and it won't turn on whatsoever 😔🥺💔😭 I tried plugging it in but nothing comes on and I tried the vol up n down then power button but still nothing comes on….anyone have an idea what might be the issue or did this happen with anyone else? I dont know what to do this makes me so sad cuz I was so excited when I got it in the mail today 😩

  2. I'm in the ph,I cannot Buy that Ip11 pro it's always Make me Sad HAHAHAH there's Always no stock in here In Philippines Arghhhh… I want That Ip 11 pro gold in color I'm so exited for mine (so sorry Late comment HAHA)

  3. I don't know what to say I am a girl and daaam girl your words just gets the best vibes and relaxation. L❤️U siiis and wish you the best for all of my deap heart ❤️ gods bless you

  4. why do people upgrade every year. so unnessecary. I guess people only do this when they have too much money left. Samsung does this too. that transfer all the documents and pictures immadiately

  5. “This time it was $700!” her thinking THATS expensive
    bro, the phone for me is $1,399 JUST for the pro with 64gb
    also 512gb is $2,349 for me