iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!

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Looking back at the first generation iPhone refreshes the way you see new tech. Next level Throwback Thursday.

iPhone 11 Pro Review:

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  1. I remember I got the first iPhone and paid 640 and then in a few months it went down by 100 and because of that Apple sent me a gift card of 100 to make it up.

  2. I know I'm late, but just wanted to mention that my first phone was an iphone 5 that my dad owned before he gave it to me in 2015 and upgaded to a 6. The first "first-hand" smartphone I had was a Galaxy J7 Duo…back in 2018. And now I use the Oneplus Nord

  3. When you think about how displays have basically stayed somewhat similar in appearance across almost 100% of all phones today thanks to this…it really puts into perspective how much of a visionary Steve Jobs was… I honestly wonder what the iPhones of today would be like if he were still around

  4. Literally no matter how many features Apple adds to the iPhone, they’ll never bring back the headphone jack, and the screen will still look the same.

  5. I didn't get a smartphone until 2013 when i was 27 years old. I wasn't even gonna buy one but my slider phone broke and a friend gave me a little lg optimus he had

  6. I remember when this phone was released i was amazed with the touch screen display, it felt so futuristic.

    At the time i was rocking a anolog flip phone and it inspired me that something that fluid and futuristic was possible.

  7. My first phone was the samsung galaxy grand prime and fun fact I'm watching this video on it its not like I use the phone but it is very any near and dear to me so I couldnt give it away

  8. My first smart phone was the LG Voyager too! Both my parents and I all got one when they came out. A few weeks later mine jumped in the pool with me. R.I.P.