iPhone 11 Pro's RADIATION Problem | Apple's U1 Location Spying Investigated

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In this video we investigate the RF radiation levels coming out of the new iPhone 11 Pro to show you how much data it’s constantly transmitting. Comparing it against an earlier generation iPhone 8 and its main competitor the Samsung Galaxy Note10+.

The iPhone 11 Pro is constantly transmitting high levels of RF. The levels reported are higher than what the Note10+ transmits even when uploading megabits of data to the cloud, and just as high as the iPhone 8 when uploading data. It’s inconclusive what’s going on, but as suggested by Tally Ho Tech[1] it could be related to Apple’s new U1 chip which is designed to constantly track your position to a high degree of accuracy.

Non-ionizing radiation has been scientifically linked to the reduction of testosterone, memory loss, learning ability and even cancer in rats[2][3]. To learn more about the risks of cell phone radiation, I recommend an excellent talk[4] from Dr Devra Davis[5] (Served on the US Presidential Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board)

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  1. I have an Iphone 8, I have a shungite tab on the phone physically, as well I wear Shungite around my neck and it is in my pockets, I drink elite shungite alkaline water as does out cat, and he loves it…Shungite from Russia prevents EMF's. My entire house is gridded, around the smart meter, too…around the computer connection modem, tv, and I disconnect that when I sleep as well.

  2. Here’s what I found
    1. MICROSTACKSHOT // kernel process whose sole purpose is compilation of ALL DATA2. EXTRACTION of GPS and any other said data by Apple and partner ‘Agencys’
    —- User and gps data extraction cannot be simply disabled by clicking a button . There no way to stop it, the sooner you Accept it this fact the less you’ll care. ———-
    >>Step 1 : Apples uses a operation Running at kernel level , it has full access to your phone, its purpose is too constantly compile data dumps of everything done on the device / from txts to gps data // done through a process called MICROSTACKSHOT
    >>Step 2 : the compiled data can now be extracted by both Apple and trusted ‘Agency’s’ of which Apple hands over the keys to the backdoor and looks the other way.
    Your data is being logged 24/7.. ; local analytics of everything you do on your phone. Constantly being compiled and compressed down into binary images, its then either sent off too a Apples backend server because you are allowing it to go to Apple, or it’s gonna be taken by partner ‘agencys’..
    Apples MICROSTACKSHOT.. (aka a machine/kernel system process with 100% acres to view, compile data, and allow access to the back door), is in place because it literally gives them , in short, full access to do anything and see everything on your device., and then compile and compress it enabling transport of this user/data with minimal amounts of traffic….. but if you deny permission to send this data to the Apple servers, they shouldn’t be able to take it then.. right?? Nope

    **patent describing MICROSTACKSHOT functionality***
    ** https://patents.google.com/patent/US20140237219A1/ **

    Of course, also being extracted are your 24/7 365 gps activities via this log data, but .. it seems like this feed is being sent to straight to the ‘ u.s Intelligent Transportation Systems Agency ‘ database… described by its creators as country wide Nueral link whose purpose is to provide surveillance…..
    This data base is NOT owned by apple…… so , technically Apple isn’t lying.. it says “ uncheck to not allow “ so and so analytics yo be sent to Apple”… they never said it wouldn’t go partner agencies..

    – check your locationid stack logs: base txt compilation of lattitudr and longitude coordinates can be seen here

    – now look in your ip log file ; here you will see vehicular detection states / motion detection // mapped with coordinates so only minimal amount of traffic is needed to send the data ( sent using binary images )

    – look for an error listed as ‘ RhodesVehicularDetectionLatencyHistogram ‘
    – now google if // you google that it will lead to the links below

    ( page 3-5 you can seethe name of the company RHODES )

    (Additional info)

  3. I have 11 pro Max looking at ur videos I am thinking of returning it would u please also so a video on iPhone XS Max does it also have such high radiation levels have u also returned ur yet ??

  4. Thanks for the info. I avoided getting a cell phone for this very reason until 2014 and am still using my iPhone 5s. As it's time to upgrade I was considering the 11 and decided to research the RF…and I saw this video!! Horrifying. To clarify, the 11 was emitting that high RF even when the phone was completely shut down (not just locked)?? How is that possible? What phone would you recommend overall from a RF safety perspective (other than a landline ;-)?

  5. Thank you brother for sharing this! 2 questions: What are the results if you turn off cellar data and just use WiFi? Do you think the RF results is because it has two SIM cards (e-sim and starboard SIM) and is essentially getting double the signal? What I’ve been able to look up says that a phone with dual sim capability as a much higher SAR level then a phone with one SIM. Any thought? Would really appreciate your feedback! Thanks

  6. I have the iPhone 11 pro. When I hold it on Wi-Fi/4G, I get intense pressure in my brain, burning chest pain, and nerve pain in my jaws, tips of my fingers, my legs, and head. These symptoms disappear when I turn on airplane mode. Does anybody experience this kind of discomfort when using the iPhone 11 pro? I think it's the RF radiation. Might have to return it.

  7. I’ll be quite honest, I think don’t think that the radiation emitted by your phone is that bad for a person, since it’s non ionizing. Yes, there have been results on rats, but rats are completely different from us, more mass, faster heartbeat, smaller brains, etc.

    I wouldn’t really be scared by this if I were you, but if further studies are concluded countless times which indicate increased cancer risks, or other harmful effects, then yeah I’ll be more careful

  8. The mW/m2 is not W/kg (SAr) and not convertible!

    One value expresses how much radiation the human body can receive in a given time, and the other represents the radio frequency exposure of a given device.