iPhone 11 VS Galaxy S10e — Which is the Better Budget Flagship Smartphone?

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AppleInsider compares the iPhone 11 versus the similar Samsung Galaxy S10e!

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  1. Whenever geekbench scores show higher on iPhones…


    Samsung fans: “wEll iT DoEsNT CoUnT aS ReAL wOrLd sItUaTiOnS”

  2. The S10e DOES NOT HAVE A IN SCREEN FINGERPRINT SCANNER it's on the side. Also you are fooling people into thinking the S10e has 2 front cameras it has only ONE. Also you mentioned the scanner has been fooled is not proven its actually just as secure and placed on the side of the phone. You also keep making egregious mistakes by comparing the S10 plus to the iPhone 11. YOU REALLY REALLY SUCK. If you are going to compare two phones make sure you compare the right phones. Also I don't like the video.😊

  3. I am an iPhone user but this review is a joke. It is extremely amateur review! Finger print under the display on Samsung Se??? You are embarrassing yourself!

  4. I like the s10, great display and it has power share! but ima go with the iphone 11 only for one reason..to flex, no one gives a shit if u own a samsung sadly, i also flex with my fake airpods lmao, imagine buying galaxy buds, no one would care