iPhone 11 vs. Samsung Galaxy A71 Comparison! Which Is Better?

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  1. Im so confused! I've been an android(samsung) user ever since, just a mid range phones. But I really wanna try ios. Tho for the price, A71 is a winner! For the Iphone 11, I just love the camera. Im torn between the two! 😭😭😭

  2. Samsung a71 bc my sister has the iPhone 11 and I get to say that we can make a truce of both plus I love Samsung’s a71 features plus it’s a budget phone that looks better than the s series so a71 is my way to go

  3. I have the 12 pro ,and my wifey the a71 and to be honest I think the 71 is better with battery,screen (no notch)and price,71 is a really good phone ,very good to watch videos.

  4. hahah look at that display of the iphone 😀 its the iphone 11 from year 2009 or what 😀 ye iphone was the better invest 😀 after 2 years apple slow down the phone really good invest für 2000$ 😀

  5. I buy iPhone instead of Android for the same reason I own a 80k Toyota Sahara over a 40k fancy new Kia, sure it has all the latest features, but mine has a million miles to go…

  6. I had an iPhone X but lost the device. So bought a A71 4G as a replacement. It is a fantastic phone for the price. Love the headphone jack. It does get quite hot sometimes and in some cases it can actually reset itself because it overheats. That is usually under high demand use and usually while charging at the same time. Apart from that it's fantastic.

    But given all of that. I'm about to go out and buy an iPhone 11. I dunno there's just something about iPhones

  7. The iPhone 11 excels in performance and longevity because it uses a flagship chip, the A71 uses a mid-range chip. The iPhone 11 needs the notch for Touch ID. Although the screen is worse, it is decent, and I can’t see the pixels, that’s all that matters to me. The camera is decent as well, but I could care less about it. The last time I got a Samsung mid-range, it got laggy within half of a year.

  8. I hate tech you tubers when it comes to apple they so blindly support a company who is purposefully holding there phones back but will hold no reservations about down talking other brands that are actively attempting to further the field this is the only thing you need to worry about when choosing between iPhone and other
    1. Do I own other apple products (mac, iPad, etc…) then yeah you should probably get an iPhone to fit your eco system
    If not then there is absolutely no reason to get an iPhone when Samsung does everything better besides camera witch isn’t worse that’s just the actually only part that comes down to preference and the only other reason you should ever pick iPhone over other is if you ask yourself this “do I really care? And the answer is no just want it to work and keep it simple” then get an iPhone a fully functioning decent phone that will give you at least 2 years of life

  9. Also your comment saying they aren't best in thier class a71 is best in the A series witch is a class of phone so please think of your comments before posting
    It. The camera you also forgot you have samsung pro camera settings you didn't use that for the pictures you used basic app for both not using best options for the cameras thats like driving a truck on smooth dirt road saying its amazing off road I don't feel anything or I dint need to use 4wheel drive while your passed by grandma driving a geo metro on same road. You wanna do a real test between to the too do it right your talking to people that want to know what is better for budget right or they wouldn't watch this they would either go buy a iphone 11 pro max or what ever its called or the s20 or note 20 ultra phones. So you have two phones one is the apples cheapest flag ship well only ship phone vs. Samsungs high end budget phone with right now I can get for about half the price and you wanna knock down the a71. How about you do your home work compare equal price then complain or why not use s10, s10 lite, or s9 vs iPhone 11 they are older but bet they are equal to the iPhone 11 in price so many other options. I'll compare f150 to ranger lets see the list f150 can haul heavier loads more per load has more room in the cab higher ground clearance bigger motor options now ranger smaller can't haul as much or as heavy cab is smaller less engine options less leg room back seats aren't as good as the f150s. The people buying can see all that and I don't have to say anything really they know that but what is the max each can do is a question they will ask or mpg those are questions they may ask if they didn't already look it up already people shopping for budget want to know if almost spending double is worth it i say no. I'll be honest I'm samsung flag ship always but a71 is far better in more ways easily you can add memory. More camera options the back being plastic even i don't care cuz like most buyers first thing they do is buy a case and I spend tops even for my note 20 ultra my case I think was 15 with tax and 5 for 2 glass screen protectors so add 20ish now your back is not seen at all and is protected so don't have to say build is big deal cuz if they break the phone and buy another a 71 they are only going to spend what 150 tops to get new one cuz they saved that for not buying the iPhone. Also better apps stores yes I said app stores two meaning better options on apps and prices from what I remember I had to but games on apple and then they were free on android. Plus do you still need to use special app to add music and movies to iPhone yet? Idk. You have more screen to watch videos on or if you like smaller dang then apple would win that. And can you customize the phone as much with the apple or does android still do better thier. Also people looking for budget phones usually don't use all the phones potential cuz they use it for high end apps or games. Budget buyers use phone to talk text surf net watch movies YouTube and some games they don't use multitasking to play 2 high end games so yea apple is over priced a71 is best option all round to me and most people looking for budget. So do better job for the people don't try and say super is best option for a car while you compare it to v6 mustang. Its not how you do vs videos in my book I see it as you had 2 options of samsung that were same price as the apple and didn't do them why cuz was unfair to the iPhone cuz the equal phone where to good? Or as I said use s9 old samsung flag ship compared to iPhone 11.