iPhone 11 water test with an underwater drone

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Is the iPhone 11 secretly waterproof? We take the brand-new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro to extreme depths to test their water resistance in Monterey Bay, California, with a Trident underwater drone from Sofar Ocean Technologies.

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  1. If this was a scientific experiment I give you F- for reusing the phone from previous experiments so it all ready sustained damage

  2. After I drop my iPhone 11 red product I mean red color in water my phone screen is messing up the screen doesn't look good I can't see anything. Why apple 😭😭 face id isn't working also

  3. And I was worried when I dropped a few drops on my iPhone 11 for washing it 😄 even though i knew he was IP68

  4. i have the iphone 11 and i was Boiling eggs and I was scared because my phones next to the stove and the water was flashing so i got scared but i just found out its water proof BUT still to scared to test it put 👀

  5. I brought my 11 into the shower and spent last night watching YouTube videos on how to fix it while having a panic attack I got it in the charging port I fixed it lol

  6. I just have the new iphone 11 and i tested it in 1 meter and 10 seconds and then sound is bass boosted🧐

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