iPhone 11: Why you need to buy after iPhone 12 launches

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iPhone 11: Why you need to buy after iPhone 12 launches – Hello all and welcome to this update video on the Apple iPhone 11. In this video I will discuss with you why you need to buy iPhone 11 after the iPhone 12 launches. This video aims to provide you with 10 reasons why it won’t be a bad idea. If you have iPhone 11 or plan on buying iPhone 11, please consider sharing your experiences with the community down below in the comment section of this video. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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  1. iPhone 11 is a major win, and will be so worth it after the price comes down post iPhone 12, In this episode I explain to you why you need to buy after iPhone 12 launches! Enjoy and share your thoughts!

  2. Nick Ackerman tell me I want to buy this for only gaming and streaming in 2020 andro tell me this is the better than rog3 for gaming purpose and how much battery backupand there is any heating in the device tell me bro

  3. This video isn't really valid as it was made BEFORE the 12 was announced. I initially had the same thought of getting 11 (jumping from Android) right after 12 announce, well of course due to the price slash. But when 12 was released, 12 is actually a better deal than 11, if you look at it long term wise.

  4. iPhone X lovers will wait for IPHONE 12 because of the loving OLED.
    My dream is to have a phone with,
    Metal frame of iPhone 4,4s,5
    OLED display like iPhone X

    And that is all on IPhone 12.

  5. I already have an iPhone 11 and I’m going back to get my money back because they dropped the prices so we don’t have to wait for iPhone 12 to release

  6. With the launch of the iPhone 12 tomorrow, it's interesting that only the iPhone Pro and Max dropped in price while the standard iPhone 11 remains unchanged (at least for right now). Why didn't the base model drop in price with the other variants?

  7. I'm an android user and I'm tired of my Xiaomi so I'm looking forward to upgrading, however I'm still in two minds between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11. Which one would you recommend? I don't want to kinda fall behind because of not having 5G (there's no 5G in Spain yet tho, but I'm sure it won't take a lot of time). Any advice?