iPhone 12 is Tempting Android Users

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Study suggests one third of Android users tempted to switch to iPhone 12.

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  1. I am an android user since i got my firat phone and now i bought the iphone 12pro
    I feel like if i dont let my phone drop too often its the longest living phone you can get(thats my opinion)

  2. I had android for years and years and finally decided to switch to Apple, and I love it I won’t be switching back anytime soon. I switched for the Apple ecosystem and the better Security and tech-support

  3. i have galaxy s9 , i was using android for 7 years , android is good but with its lags and freeze, i just want to switch to iphone 12 for the system, samsung said that they will support galaxy with updates from galaxy s10 , so my galaxy s9 can just go out.

  4. Am tempted to switch to iPhone 13 if they are taking serious the privacy topic. It will be hard for me because I love my 3.5mm plug ( and yes, I do have bluetooth headphones too) and the letting go the stylus will be the hard part, oh and the split screen that my Note 9 is offering me. Will be hard, but am considering it!

  5. I was an Android user since the Galaxy S2. Switched to iPhone 11 while still using my Samsung. But lately I've been missing the heck out of Samsung. My S10+ just got its 2nd major update. The thing with ios updates nothing changes. Updates are overrated on ios. Samsung gives you less updates but major changes

  6. That what made me switch I was android for 10 years my whole adult life even made my girl switch she was apple when I met her. Today though…… iPad Pro iPhone pro Apple TV 4 homepods 2 AirPods (1 of them pro model) Apple Watch kids got iPads girl does too. The saying new phone who dis yeah. That was me at the time I had S9+ Note 9 girl had S8+ Samsung tab S3 two of them android tv Sony kids had android tablets except one oldest had an iPad from grandparents. One day I asked my girl how long has she had that thing she said 5 years I said no way! How much android shit have purchased in that time period? Then went apple 1500 for a phone Samsung lost their mind. For once apple was not only cheaper but also last longer.

  7. Actually I used to be a diehard android fan basically a Samsung fan. But anyways iPhone 12pro max is very tempting and I'm thinking of switching. Idk what it is but it's a nice phone only only problem is that stupid notch.

  8. True, just went from s10 plus to the iPhone 12.. so much better. Form factor, and most importantly you get your Software update on time same day .. boom!!! Unlike samsung where Android 12 beta is out and am still waiting for 11 like seriously have some respect for your flagship users.. So you know what fuck you Samsung…

  9. I'm so done with Android due to the lack of updates to Android. I want privacy, update, security, and great quality. Never have I owned an iphone, but let's switch.

  10. I have been waiting to get an iphone since it came out, untill now when apple is giving all that i wished for. 12 would be my first iPhone after these many years of hardcore android user.

  11. I felt tempted too and I think I'm gonna switch to the Pro Max after 10yrs with Android. IOS 14 looks very similar as Android plus the amazing ecosystem of Apple.

    Is like having the best of both worlds lol. Yes Android still the king of customization but Apple software stability is hard to beat.

  12. Long time Android user, still have my S8+ that I bought back in 2017. A few months ago I bought an iPad mini to use when I wanted a smaller tablet (still have my Tab S4). Ended up liking how much has changed and ended up getting a used 2016 MBP, way better than my current desktop! So those basically convinced me to switch. Currently waiting to see what apple does with the 13 and then might get the Pro or Pro Max. My main motivator was Samsung's new devices. Oh, also, I like getting the device and having no bloatware. My MBP had nothing extra, compared to my HP desktop that came with all sorts of useless nonsense

  13. Pt.2….but went to apple. They have a better app store. They give updates for 5 yrs at least. And everything is great. A14 is the strongest chip and i was waiting for Apple to go big. And they did at the right time when google screwed me. So i got a apple iphone pro max. Great phone. I have to get use to ios but its a phone and a computer, not that difficult.

  14. Missing the point. Apple gives at least 5yrs of updates. Google gives you a maximum of 3. I switched from google to apple this year. Google screwed us with that sorry ass flagship this year and my google pixel 2xl is still great. As good as that sorry pixel 5. But ended updates in Dec 2020. I was still happy with it. Great pics still fast.

  15. Switching from Pixel 3 to iPhone 12 mini. The return to the "classic" iPhone shape combined with iOS 14 was tempting enough to make the switch.