iPhone 12 Mini Review after 2 Months: New Issues Arise..

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Apple’s iPhone 12 mini is probably the BEST compact flagship phone you can get.. But there have definitely been some issues with it.. and these new ones have caused me to think twice..
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Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini is the ULTIMATE replacement for the iPhone 5, the small compact phone which a lot of people loved.

However, it seems as though it’s not doing as well as many people thought. There are specific issues due to packing in so much power and tech into a small package.

In this video, I review the iPhone 12 mini after 2 months of use, letting you guys know how my experience has been with it!

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  2. The two issues are the iPhone Mini being Mini in his opinion. This review is like buying an Apple, taking a bite and complain it doesn't taste like orange. Non senses

  3. My iPhone 12 I used it for work everyday. Calls my clients and also using the GPS to travel the whole day and everyday. The battery balanced at 28% at 9pm……

  4. My hand is quite small and I think this is better for me especially when I want a compact flagship phone that fit just right on my hand.

  5. It’s the war for the biggest phone! Remember the galaxy MEGA phone? Ridiculous thing for a phone in my opinion. Still using iPhone 7, not a fan of big phones. Biggest phone I’ve owned is Samsung galaxy s4. I prefer to be able to have a phone in my pocket not a freaking tablet sized big phone! Good video info 👍

  6. Selling over 4 million devices is not a fail. Apple released this phone shortly after releasing the IPhone SE2 which also cut into sales along with the other two sizes of iPhone 12 being sold. iPhone 12 mini is a great size. In fact I would actually prefer even smaller: ideally I would like the phone the size of an iPhone 5 with a true edge to edge screen. Apparently everyone either has giant hands, or they find the awkward way in which they “pinky “ balance their giant phones absolutely normal. Anyways, iPhone 12 mini is my favorite phone.

  7. The 12 mini is a good phone but it’s speakers are a downgrade from the 12 and 12 pro it’s speakers are extremely similar to the new se speakers also
    The screen size and the cameras are the main reason it isn’t liked

  8. I used to be a really good Fortnite mobile player on the old iPhone SE, the one that is the size of the iPhone 5, which we all know is smaller than the 12 mini, and I used 4 fingers and it was just fine for me.

  9. I swapped my S20 for the 12 mini, I love the size and everything but the default font size is just tiny. When I set one notch higher the screen looks like a grandma phone 🙁 the only 1 complaints for me. Everything just massive improvement compared to Samsung, even the battery is better.

  10. For your service in your church the problem is in your area is bad reception, your probably spoiled and want all the reception everywhere you go. You can’t get that.

  11. I had multiple android phones over the years which all broke and finally ended up with a used iPhone 7 Plus. I loved it but it eventually broke as well.
    I just got the iPhone 12 mini and put an otter box on it. I absolutely love it so far

  12. I was actually going to buy an 11, but I was coming off a Samsung and decided I wanted OLED enough to get a 12. Don’t regret it. I suspect the 15s will be out before I upgrade again.

  13. I’m sorry but your thumbnail is nothing but misinformation. Just because you don’t recommend the mini doesn’t mean it failed. It’s actually done quite well according to Unbox Therapy. It’s okay to express your opinion but to call it a failure is just wrong.

  14. Small phones remind me of the nokia days using phones like the 8310,8250, and. 5210 thats why i love small phones and im starting to be inlove with the mini

  15. This phone actually made me use an iPhone again for the first time in 8 years. Compact phones are so hard to find these days.

  16. This is, in my book, an “anecdotal fail.” Because the author of this video found reception problematic in a particular situation has no bearing on whether other persons will not fond it acceptable. In addition, the point about sales of the Mini is all a matter of perspective. Five percent of sales in the iPhone world could be 10 million phones, which is an INDUSTRY to many other products. Let’s say the Mini failed FOR YOU, and leave it at that.

  17. Why would you need to use your phone in church. You should be paying attention to the preacher not checking out your YouTube comments 📱