iPhone 12 Pro 6 Months Later – Best iPhone EVER??

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  1. Better than the 12 Pro Max, in your opinion? I upgraded to one today. Had a hard time choosing between the two. The Max just seemed too big.

  2. I ordered mi iPhone 12 PRO pacific blue 6 Months ago and i was regreting it then because i wanted the Max instead but after watching This i feel happy that was sticking with my 12 PRO. Thanks for an awsome video.

  3. what discount or free iPhone apple gave you for this review? You're seriously all up on apples jock strap for this review to be taken seriously ,, I'm out.

  4. Picked up the iPhone 12 Pro factory unlocked yesterday and just switched to it from my XS Max this morning and the smaller 6.1” form factor is way easier to handle and I don’t get hand fatigue trying to hold it up

  5. I subbed just because I agree with everything you started. I had a pro Max until today. My lady has the pro and I'd pick her phone up and wish I had it instead. The pro max is my second favorite phone ever, but this pro just hit every single thing I wanted. Perfect iPhone… And a great perspective from you.

  6. Just upgraded from the 11 to the 12 pro max much faster bigger better all around not as easy to use with one hand but ill get over that quickly

  7. do you think the 12 pro is worth getting now, or should i wait until the 13 releases later this year?!? im torn bc i need a new phone but it might be worth to wait a few more months.

  8. No fingerprints on the back…but people say you get A HECK OF A LOT OF FINGERPRINTS AND GENERAL GRIME AND DIRT on the STAINLESS STEEL EDGES…..

  9. 3 months ago I upgraded from an iPhone XR to iPhone 12 PRO and I absolutely LOVE it!! The camera is a total game changer!! 🙂

  10. I went to the shop to hold both the pro and pro Max in my hand so I could see which I prefered. The max seems too big but at the same time really nice because of the extra screen. The pro seems about right in size. Slightly smaller than my galaxy s10 plus though. The think that pushes me towards the max is battery.

  11. It is almost the perfect phone that notch being gone and maybe a 6.3 inch profile the pro max is too big and the pro feels just a bit too small like the profile in hand feel of the iPhone 11 better, but aside from that i own a pixel 4 xl and as much as i try and show love to that phone and it still works great just nothing as smooth as an iPhone. Software and hardware bliss. As big a techie as i am i know this will be my long term iPhone till the notch is gone wife and new baby on the way wont let me update this year lol.

  12. I have the 12 pro gold I’m in love with this phone my mom laughed at me when I said I bought her (my phone) some new outfits (Cases) .

    Btw. This is my favorite video!

  13. Thanks for the review, you have verified my thoughts about the iPhone12 Pro, is the best of the 12 series. The only minus I can find is the travel charger that is sold separately. Do they really need the extra money paid for a charger?

  14. iPhone 13 Pro 6 Months Later – Best iPhone EVER??
    iPhone 14 Pro 6 Months Later – Best iPhone EVER??
    iPhone 15 Pro 6 Months Later – Best iPhone EVER??
    iPhone 16 Pro 6 Months Later – Best iPhone EVER??
    and so on…

  15. Since the camera quality difference between the Pro and Pro Max isn’t night and day, unless you have really huge hands, get the Pro.

    Your pinky finger will thank you. 🤙🏻😉

  16. When the 13 pro comes out here’s gonna be like wow this is the best iPhone ever. When the 14 pro comes out he’s gonna be like wow this is the best iPhone ever.

  17. This is my first time using an iphone , is it normal for the battery percent to be stuck at 80%? I mean its been stuck for 20 mins