iPhone 12 Pro vs. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Speed Test

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Speed test between the Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to see which phone is the fastest in the world.



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iPhone 12 Pro vs. Note 20 Ultra Speed Test



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  1. Propaganda. The desperate attempt to find one thing out of hundreds that the iphone can do better. Lol. ROBOT arms on a split screen 😂. Ya know other test that's not mainstream without robot split screen arms already proved Note is faster. But whatever helps you all sleep at night

  2. Honestly, with iPhones having the processor lead consistently (and now having more RAM), will an Android phone ever win a speed test again?

  3. I know the iPhone is better in terms of app opening and other performance things but, to be fair due to the double swipes that the Samsung takes to go to home every extra swipe is taking like more than .5 seconds. It would be somewhat less overwhelming win for the a14 if these seconds were not lost. In the end i am a huge fan of just how good a14 performs, but i can't afford any of these 2 😂😂😂. One is like 3.5 months of my father's salary and another is like 5-5.5 times(due to the increased price of iphones in india) 😅😅

  4. Apple: Loses
    Android fans: hahaha trash
    Apple: Comes with new chip and defeats note 20 ultra
    Android fans: Excuses mode: ON

  5. How is this fair though the note 20 Ultra came out in august and the iPhone 12 came out in November? I think the worthy opponent against the iPhone 12 is the upcoming Samsung galaxy s21.

  6. Idk why for some reason i think samsung phones are just outdated at this point they keep releasing new models every year and its not even reliable at all