iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone XS! (Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone 12 Pro just came out, so let’s see how it holds up against the iphone XS!

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  1. Many ppl tell 12 pro is more comfortable but in my case iphone xs is really really more comfortable in hand it stays in hand properly..where as 12 pro is kinda not so comfortable in hand …
    And i have small 🙌

  2. In terms of software comparison, the 12 pro is only like 1 to 1.5 seconds faster. Which really isn’t that big of a difference to me. But honestly how fast can iPhone make the newer softwares? So I guess it’s pretty much a cycle with the software. Only changes are model makes and designs. Ready for iPhone to really take a new step

  3. I'm on the original SE I feel like paying £350 for a used XS over £1000 for the 12 pro or on a monthly contract!? Thoughts anyone lol

  4. If you’re upgrading from a XR then you should get the 12 Pro since that the XS has a worser battery than the XR. If you’re upgrading from an iPhone 8 then the 11 Pro would probably be best.

  5. I’m upset that my XS had some liquid damage but I have decided that with my recontract, it is cheaper to get a 12 pro than a repair for my XS. I’ll miss it loads but definitely recommend staying with it unless u need a greater amount of storage or it is damaged.

  6. the only reasons i'd consider changing my XS for 12 pro would be 5G and the appearance. Too bad no 120Hz on this generation so I'll skip and wait for the 13 pro. I'm currently very happy with my XS.

  7. Not worth it if you have the xs….Won’t upgrade for some time… or until a car goes over my phone then ill possibly thinking about upgrading

  8. just broke my xs, but insurance covered my new one so I'm way stoked. Still love this phone. Think I'll wait for the 14 or something before I make an upgrade 🤙🏼 Great video

  9. it's real shame how apple just slaughtered XS line up to give a way to much inferior and worse iphone 11 line up. XS is still going strong and i believe will be good to use for 4-5 years more

  10. I’m sure the 11 pro and 12 pro are great phones but with my 10s I have no interest in upgrading yet. Still have a few years left with it.

  11. I had a choice, to upgrade my phone from XS to 12 pro, or my TV from 55" to 75", and I chose the TV, and my kids actually love my choice.

  12. Thanks for your honest opinion! I think I will staying with my XS. I just love the way it feels! I tried the 12 pro and honestly something didn’t feel right.

  13. Great comparison, thanks! What to do? Have an XS Max, cracked screen. Phone still works great. 300+ to fix, or upgrade to the 12 Pro Max. I use my phone a lot, mainly for photos and work. Pretty happy with the XS Max. I ordered the 12 Pro Max, should be here in a day or so, and have time to try it out, maybe return it. Thinking i'm not gonna be much more happier spending $900 more for a 12 Pro Max.

  14. I would expect the 12pro to be faster when opening that many apps. It has more ram and you are not closing any apps before opening the next

  15. I have small hands and my XS is big enough but my bougie butt is going for the 12 pro max because I watch everything on my phone and also i want to make sure people know I have a mini iPad as a phone