iPhone 12 Review – 6 Months Later

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Long-term review of the Apple iPhone 12 after 6 months, the top features, downsides, why Apple needs to make it more like the Mac, and our recommendation on if you should get one. Check out our other Apple videos:

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0:00 – Intro
0:20 – MagSafe
1:01 – iPhone 12 design
1:34 – Screen quality
1:56 – Battery life
2:28 – Performance
2:58 – Camera performance
3:40 – Video quality
4:04 – Photo editing tools
4:23 – Audio stream switching
4:54 – AirPods automatic switching
5:06 – Third party wireless earbuds
5:26 – iOS 14
5:51 – iOS software updates
6:40 – The Apple ecosystem
7:00 – iMessage & the ecosystem
7:28 – Texts & phone calls on other devices
7:36 – Transfer phone calls to another device
7:42 – AirPlay
8:05 – Apple Watch compatibility
8:24 – AirTags
8:44 – Missing charger in the box
9:26 – No default Siri music service setting
9:54 – 64 GB storage isn’t enough
10:03 – lowest phone call volume too loud
10:28 – The App Store issue
12:04 – Recommendation
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  1. Not trying to be horrible here but if I worked for apple I would so choice to make people go through the App Store you don’t know what your downloading out there and when they get harmful software they will run and complain to apple. That will ruin apples waiting times for there in store customer support and people wouldn’t want to go in the shop in just talking on and on but apple has a point here. Even tho you can downloaded a apps from online I really wouldn’t. (An other reason why literally when have you ever tried to download something and it says man we don’t support your device but we have windows Mac no that came out wrong but no downloadable thing on the website like for example Spotify like you shown doesn’t have a apple link. So apple are basically protecting you all

    Edit:half of it didn’t make sense there no point anyway no on gonna read it sheesh have a nice day

  2. I just got this today to watch p0rn with my new Airpod pros.

    Just kidding. Actually I got it because the batteries on my stalwart iPhone 6 finally died. I will also add that the case + screen cover + charger and insurance brings the total tag to just under $1K. Anybody who makes less than six figures and is willing to pay this much for a phone has no sense of financial anything. Apple is making a killin' on these fools.

  3. I bought a 12 on Facebook market for $200 it had a cracked back but a battery health of 100%. I just slapped it with an apple leather case and called it a day and doesn’t bother me anymore. Been using it for a month now best purchase. Once the 13 comes out I’ll sell it for $400. That’s a win in my book 😎

  4. The big plus for the iPhone is resale value. If you can live with a 6 month delay on the latest model, you can change your device for almost free every years. I do this since the iPhone 5 and it always worked. You can get a iPhone 12 in perfect condition on marketplace around May/June for $680 Canadian and resell it a year later for 600 and then pick the 13 for 680, they always keep their value between month 6 and 18 after release. Android phones will loose 75% during the same period.

  5. I had the IPhone 12 and took it back and got the 2nd Gen IPhone SE. The SE was pretty much only a fraction of the cost compared to the iPhone 12 and is shockingly by far the better iPhone in my honest humble opinion of owning both of them.