iPhone 4 Texting Overview

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I go over all the texting features on the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4. I cover everything from texting speed to features of what the default texting app included on the iPhone 4 can do. Check out the video for all the details and let me know if you use anything different to text on your iPhone.

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  1. Had Samsung Galaxy s3 for a week but traded it in for the iphone 4s. The reason I switched was iCloud, iTunes, Apple, and the smaller size. In my opinion, the galaxy messaging was amazing b/c of the 'bar' above the keyboard showing suggestions for which word you're trying to type!! Does the iPhone do anything like that? i.e. numbers….galaxy didn't have to switch keyboards to enter numbers NOR special characters!! I have 1 day to be able to trade the iPhone back for the Samsung.HELP!!!

  2. Help! My iphone4 doesn't have an option to "load ealier messages" I've only got a few showing when I know there is a lengthy history. Is there a setting that I'm not finding.

  3. I've never had a problem sending images to my E-mail from any other phone until I got the iPhone 4S. (All my software is updated and functioning.) I've tried factory reset, Wi-Fi disabling and enabling, turning iMessage off enabling SMS/MMS, and doing as prescribed from other video tutorials. I'm short of going to the Apple center myself just to resolve this issue. If possible, kindly offer your thoughts on the matter.

  4. You can add Emoji for smileys and other things just go to (settings-General-Keyboard-International Keyboard and Add New Keyboard-and just add { Emoji } and your done when you go back to texting you will see a round symbol next to the 123 on the bottom left tap it and select the one you want Happy texting..

  5. so i sign out of my email on iCloud because i was trying to text messages so now I fix it when I try messaging someone shows me the number and I don't want that I want their name how do I fix this please help me