iPhone 5 iOS 10 Review

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iPhone 5 iOS 10 Review! iOS 10 update brings many new features to your iPhone 5 and this video we review iOS 10 for iPhone 5! Leave your comments, questions, suggestions below this video 🙂

UPDATE iOS 10.1 Review:

UPDATE: iPhone 5 iOS 10.0.2 Review:

iPhone 5S iOS 10 Review:

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  1. iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is almost the same specs only iPhone 5 is taller. But the speed difference is barely noticeable. iPhone 5 should have stopped supporting os since iOS 9 just like the iPhone 4s

  2. hi! i have question. with the message app, i cant see any contact image on my message conversation like the one above the name. i have looked into the settings but it doesn't give me any option to enable or see image on contacts in message app. i hope you can help me. thanks!

  3. I have iPhone 5 64 GB with ios 10.2.1 and this is amazing!! Camera good quality,amazing speaker,good display,no lag,amazing everything!! This phone is amazing in 2017 !

  4. "if you want to organ donate to people, you can do that very easily with the apple application"… jesus christ… bedtime app lmao
    "go to bed the same time everyday", how dependent do we need to be on our cell phones?!