iPhone 5 Unboxing Scuffgate Featuring my Cat Linus Tech Tips

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My cat also operates the iPhone 5! But other than that it’s pretty much the worst iPhone 5 unboxing on the Internet!

Speaking of fail, our iPhone 5 arrived scratched….


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  1. In Finland I haven't noticed that… Here people use Nokia Lumia, Samsung, iPhone and a few people using a HTC or something. Here I think it's pretty even.

  2. Linus!.. You should know better, you know extremely much about hardware, and you don't even mention that the iphone 5 only got 2 cores, and sorry apple, but I was just disappointed in iphone 5, nothing new, and it sucked.. All of my friends have Samsung s3 except 2 with iphone. I don't h8 apple, but for that price you can get a much bigger & brighter screen, faster processor, more battery, better camera, and so on.. :S