iPhone 5S : iOS 11.2 Beta 1 vs iOS 11.0.3 Speed Test with Benchmark Results Build 15C5092b

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Apple dropped iOS 11.2 Beta 1 today October 30th 2017. This is
before iOS 11.1 is even final. iOS 11.2 introduces Siri kit on HomePod,and fixes the calculator bug. And most likely other things will be discovered as people continue to dig through the firmware.
As you will see some big improvements has been done in
certain areas of the firmware.

So how does iOS 11.2 perform against iOS 11.0.3? Lets test !

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  1. Did they update the Smart Invert color? They should just include dark theme instead if invert color can't work properly.
    Everyone please report through feedback app so apple take an initiative for a so

  2. apple should really fix the animation lag, theres no reason for it to lag this much, the A7 chip should be able to handle it just fine.