iPhone 5S : iOS 12.1 Final vs iOS 12.0.1 Speed Test (Build 16B92 / 16B93)

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Apple released iOS 12.1 shortly after their event as expected, it comes with group Facetime, new emojis and much much more. The last Beta of iOS 12.1 did show a slight decrease in performance, but hopefully that has been solved in the final
release. I will again do the side by side speed test, but as this is a final release, I will also shoot a specific iOS 12.1 Battery test video. This takes about 2 days to shoot and edit, so expect it online no later than Friday.

Lets test !

iPhone 8 videos will return shortly.

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  1. Ios 12.01 is still better, and I think the Iphone 5s is not dead yet. The apps run pretty smooth and in 2018, you can buy an Iphone 5s at low price.

  2. I have a 5s it’s in IOS 12.1F and it runs really smooth no lag and issue some games crash for the first time but after opening it again no more issue the battery life is slightly better like extra 30mins :3

  3. i regret it to upgrade to ios 12.0 coz it jammed i mean hang and eventually do things on its own, hope that the next level of ios 12 series wouldn't be regret as this one did 🙂

  4. When I updated my iPhone 5s to iOS 12.1 beta 3 or 4 the battery percentage stopped dropping then I turned off my phone then it should i have no battery afterwards i plugged into charge and it just won't turn on it just shows that it's charging