iPhone 5S Quick Tips – Change the Default Ringtone

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Getting tired of hearing the same old ring tone over and over again? In this video we show you how to change all of the default ring tones and how you can also purchase more from the iTunes Store.

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  1. I've purchased a ringtone that I want to set as my default ringtone.  However I can't seem to remove the "(default)" from the "Opening" ringtone.  All my imported contacts are automatically set to play the "default"…which is not the ringtone I want.  The only thing I can see to do is manually go into each contact and change the ringtone from default to my purchased one.  Is there an easier way to change the (default) ringtone in my settings and change it from the Opening ringtone?

  2. i cant find the link for store 
    in the top of the screen i have only sounds on the left side and the right side it's empty i dont see store 
    how to fix it 

  3. The default ringtone does not change.  I've tried repeatedly to set a custom ringtone as a default (which I was able to do on the iPhone 4S, with no effort), but the original ringtone remains, unchanged.  Now, how does someone go about setting up their own default ringtone, and making sure that it says, "default", next to the ringtone of choice?

  4. On my 5S, it won't change. It says its my ringtone that I just bought off iTunes, and i set that as my default but its not changing :/