iPhone 5S Tips and Tricks for iOS 7

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Yesterday iOS 7 became available as a free download for most Apple mobile devices: the iPhone 4 or later; the iPad 2 or later; the iPad Mini; and the 5th generation iPod Touch. Frankly, it’s a bigger change than either the iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S and I highly encourage you to update all your devices unless you have to have a jailbreak.The best features of iOS 7 are shown here. You really want to download iOS 7 for Control Center, better multitasking, zoom in for video camera and more.

iOS 7 Review For Apple iPhone 5 iPhone 5S
iOS 7 is a bigger change than the iPhone 5S or iPHone 5C.
iOS 7 Review For Apple iPhone 5 iPhone 5S HD


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  1. This is not even the 5s. the 5s on the camera features would have slo-mo….this is just ios7…which is pretty much lacking some features in the 5s if you don't have that phone