iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy S4, Which Is Faster?

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I do a speed comparison test between the Apple iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4 to see which phone is faster between the two. In the video, I do a boot up test, app speed test, browsing test, and run the GeekBench benchmark. So, which of these flagship smartphones is faster? Watch the video to find out!

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  1. What more to say Apple iPhone only. it's got a prominent operating system and such a unique design. Get used to iPhone, there's no going back. Plus my Galaxy S4 (Black Edition) is back in its box for sale.

  2. XAXAXAXAXAXAXAXA S4 beat Iphone but idiots can't live with that, you comparate 5S and S4, that is not same serial?? Ios is shit system, doesn't required like Android is, you can't do things with Ios what u can do with Android, and + Iphone 5s is much expensive than S4, smaller, and other shits.. People buy iphone just to say they have iphone, essence is that iphone can't do half things that android can, and its more complicated but they say it's simple to use? Idiots buy iphone 6,7 but they knowledge about techonoly is 0, they only know to take pictures, post it on instagram or facebook and thats it, that can do phone which cost 50 euros, stop talking shit, Android forever, and S4 beat 5S..

  3. Android is so much better, theyve been ahead of apple for years, in fact android has had face id years before apple has, and samsung is always bigger

  4. I gotta say in 2018 the performance kinda sucks (S4), especially because they ceased updates a long time ago. You have to wait no matter what you're doing & I now really don't like being bound to Google anymore. Some time ago I also got to play a little around with newer Android Smartphone s & even there the performance isn't really as good as you'd expect (just from the time they had to make it great). It's just that the user experience really isn't good on Android. I've really come to dislike Android after using it for over 6 years.