iPhone 5S vs Moto X

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In a closer comparison than most, Josh puts the new iPhone 5S against the Moto X.

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  1. of course iphone is better, its apple for crying out loud!! but it also costs lil a few hundred dollars more zoo for its prices i say the moto x but the iphone is the better phone

  2. Ya im stuck between 5s or moto x im 13 and that means if the phone you have is not a iphone its automatically a crappy phone the other kids eyes but the moro x is so much better

  3. The moto X was not designed like others. It was all about a decent phone with excellent performance over countless meaningless sub standard features. 

    Coming to the processor. Yes it has a Dual core processor but that's not where the story ends. 
    1 It has a 2 core Snapdragon S4 CPU for general usage of the phone
    2 It has a 4 core Adreno 320 GPU for performance gaming etc
    3 It has 1 core For dedicated contextual computing and gesture recognition making it more fluid
    4 It has 1 core especially for natural language processing making it more likely to understand any form of speech input

    That's a total of 8 cores all managed by Motorola X8 computing system. A dedicated core for each of the specific function means an enhanced battery life and optimization of usage. So in reality it's Octa-Core but since you don't need all of them running together at all times their functions have been segregated. 

    Another complaint made by people is about Active display. Yes you can grab an app for that but here's what you should know. Moto X uses AMOLED display which unlike IPS display does not use the entire screen while using active display. So if you use active display on IPS LCD it will drain your battery. On Moto X it only uses the part that's enough for showing notifications and thus you won't be running to charge it every few hours.
    In my opinion Motorola is giving a phone that boasts of performance and near Vanilla Android experience instead of adding stuff that doesn't matter. Also 720p was deliberate to further enhance performance and improve battery life and you'll hardly notice any difference.

  4. I would have to say… The Moto X wins the challenge, because the iPhone 5 is too tall, and is not highly customizable on the phone and software, and the battery is not even close to the Moto X. Yes, iPhone 5 has better camera, but turning the hdr on the Moto X is cames almost the same. iPhone fails on Bluetooth and Music sharing.

  5. When you say "VS" that means a contest. And in a contest there should be a winner, you just speak out their specs and shit. Don't mislead people to get more views.