iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One! Hardware comparison & more!

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Galaxy S4, HTC One and the iPhone 5S. Compared. Subscribe to for the full iPhone 5S review!

Full iPhone 5S, 5C playlist will have review, unboxing, and speed tests and much more!

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  1. The 64 bit processor only works with 64 bit apps. It doesn't change the speed of the phone. Remember, the only reason why the 5S can perform the same as any high end android phone is because it has less than HD resolution. Less pixels to process = better performance

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  3. Hahahaha. You're so funny! I have yet to see one of my friends with an S4 that lasts 2 days. Nice try, but we all know you are lying. Not one smartphone gets 2 days. Which iPhone did you have anyway? An old one I bet. Fanboy? Not so, if I was I'd be defending just Apple, not pointing out that you lied about your battery life.

  4. Battery technology is battery technology no matter where you moron. Know much? Obviously not. Can't get a smart watch that uses WAY less power to last a day, how do you think that your lie is true when the S4 uses loads more power? Again, you lied. It's okay. We forgive you, but we won't believe you.

  5. Oh really? I'm lying? Well I guess I must have some kind of special battery in my S4 then, and I had an iPhone 5. Got tired of it really quickly, battery was the most disappointing thing in it. Not one smartphone gets 2 days? Well the HTC one gets about 2 days and my S4 goes up to 2 days more rarely but it still goes up to 2 days.

  6. We? more likely you, since you're stuck with thinking that no smartphone can last 2 days, so kid, please. Maybe go and check stuff out before complaining. And in your previous comment "I have yet to see one of my friends with an S4 that lasts 2 days." I guess it's because you don't have any friends.

  7. No, we. And I have plenty of friends, so you must be talking about yourself not having friends, especially with how much you lie and how stupid you are. I have checked it out you moron. I know for a fact that the S4 or any other smartphone does NOT get 2 days of battery life. You're a troll that doesn't say much of anything except lies and insults. So take your own advice and check stuff out. Btw, I wasn't the one complaining from the beginning! Are you that stupid?!?

  8. If something is a lie it's you. Plenty of friends, Ha. as I said me and plenty of other people who I know that uses the gs4 and HTC one must have some kind of "special battery" then? since my gs4 lasts about 2 days, mostly 1 day and few hrs just depends on how much you're using it, and damn you're mad over me having the facts right.

  9. That's the point, you don't know anyone with a S4 or HTC One that lasts 2 days! Go look it up! The only phone that comes close is the Moto X, which is with barely any usage! Wow you are something else! And now you start to change your tune. "…mosly 1 day and few hrs…." I'm not mad at you for having facts right, because you don't! Arrogant, prideful liar.

  10. First of all, I don't know anyone? how do you know? besides, go look it up? I own an S4 and maybe I should know how long it lasts? go look it up yourself. Yeah it mostly lasts 1 day and a few hrs, 2 days sometimes, depends on the usage. Get your facts together before you start looking like a retard. Well you have already begun to look like a retard by those stupid comments that make no sence.

  11. Hahaha. This is comical about how adamant you are about something that is completely false and a lie. Keep it up liar. It's hilarious! Again, you haven't looked anything up and don't know the facts. No phone lasts 2 days. The Moto X, like I said earlier, lasts the longest. S4, not a chance. So no, you don't know anyone. I know that because the things you are saying are lies and you are simply trying to make Samsung look good…..liar. I've looked up the facts, you haven't.

  12. Wow.. The hate against the Galaxy S4 is bad.. I love my phone and it does last 2 days…. And your remark of no phone lasting 2 days is highly fiction. The Galaxy Note 2 can last days depending on use. Smh iPhone & HTC Junkies…

  13. i actually really like the iphone in a sense of practicality considering im not feature hype like the s4 and i quite enjoy the small size ( androids got a good phone tho)

  14. microSD not worth mentioning? With phones taking on increased roles (camera, mp3 player etc) removable/upgradable storage is a major factor for me and many others.

  15. Still going with it. It's okay to swallow your pride and admit that you lied to make Samsung look better than everyone else. It's a good thing to swallow your pride.

  16. No matter how fast the iphone I will not going to buy it…ios is just boring…if you don't agree well that's normal for an average user…modifying is just so much fun…with htc one I will ask no more great build, android with unique UI, specs is more than enough…perfect phone!!!

  17. I stopped watching the video as soon as you started bashing plastic housing. 90% put case on the phones, so does it really matter if it's aluminum or plastic? No! Did you see you much aluminum coasts? 10 inch by 10 inch plate coasts 55 cents. You can make about 4 iPhones out of this. While it feels nice, it's not premium, in fact it's more fragile than polycarbonate found on the S4. Just the fact that i can remove the back on the S4 alone gives it advantage, for me at least. Removable battery, expandable storage, easy to replace parts, i mean it's just common sense. Don't get me wrong, HTC One and iPhone are both devices and i have lots of respect, however, S4 is my choice. Especially if you can get your hands on Google's S4, unlocked monster, it's amazing.

  18. Your a horrible reviewer and a htc one fanboy bashing the plastic on the galaxy s4. You also didn't mention you can add more space up to 64 GB on galaxy s4.

  19. 1. iPhones
    2. HTC

    Would not even add the Galaxy, I know a lot of people that had bad experiences with those phones and they went straight to a iPhone. And as for size that does matter, the iPhones are the better size.