iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5c Speed Test!

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iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c vs Galaxy S4! What’s your pick?

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In this video I compare the latest iPhone 5s vs 5c vs Samsung Galaxy S4 in a speed test to see which is the fastest phone for gaming and more with both CPU and GPU tests.

Tests used on iOS and Android: Geekbench 3, Sunspider 1.0.1 in Safari with the iPhone 5s & 5c and stock browser with the Galaxy S4 (Chrome was slower), 3DMark Unlimited as well as offscreen T-Rex HD in GFXBench 2.7.2.



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  2. Well, next time someone argues with me that their shitty GS2 beats the 5s, I guess I can show them these numbers. After all, facts are facts. Great video + presentation, Austin.

  3. my htc desire 500 has a quadcore 1.2ghz cpu, and 1gb ram and 8mp camera rear, 1.3 mp front, i bought it for 180euros i works so smooth and has HTC sens 5.0 wich is great. You don't have to spend 600euros to get a good phone 🙂

  4. The iPhone 5s is obviously better than S4 due to the fact that S5 is running ios which is made for the iphone while samsung is a different company from google and android is meant for more than on company like samsung htc amazon Lg and so on. The reason ios performs so good on iPhone is because apple is smart, they don't need all the latest specs like 3gb of ram or what ever

  5. Resolution makes a difference, the fact that the galaxy s4 has a bigger screen it takes more time to load in all those pixels unlike the 5s which has a smaller screen. Android is the true power house also has more battery life while having a bigger screen.

  6. so we're just gonna ignore the fact that iphone 5c/5s shitty screens are far less appealing than the vivid full HD amoled screen of the s4… okay fine xd

  7. In June I'm thinking on getting the iPhone 5s or 5c or S4 from Optus but I'm not sure which one to buy great video comparison but which phone would be good for me?