iPhone 5S WEEK 1 – Android vs iOS 7

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Week 1 is finally over on my iPhone 5S 30 day challenge. I’m here to report my experience so far, getting the iPhone setup with apps and pairing them with bluetooth devices like my Pebble watch.

100 Things iPhone 5S Can’t do Android Phones Can:

Canon 5D Mark IV:
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The Mic I use:
The Monitor I use:
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Hi! My name is Armando Ferreira, I live in Los Angeles California. I’m obsessed with mobile technology, cars, computers and filmmaking. Make sure to follow my website for the most up to date news:


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  1. At the beginning of the video you tell us that your no fanboy.
    After 2 min of watching this I noticed that you were lying!
    You're a fucking Android fanboy!
    Why do you make a comparison between android & iOS?! I only have to look at your clock to know that you are going to tell me that android is better than iOS!

  2. I agree with you about the Google services! Ever since switching to android. I hated Google services especially YouTube. Its so much better on ios . But interesting on the multitasking I did not know that. Good demonstration on drop box. An ios user would argue we have photostream for images. It's going to automatically load the pic to every ios and os x device that you own.

  3. For me, once I log into my Youtube account on iOS, my log in information is already on the Drive app. Never had to log in twice.

    I like Android, but its missing something important that iOS has. I want control of my mobile data for each app. I hate that Android is constantly working in the background. I don't like Android is eating up my data plan to update something I can wait for when I'm on WiFi. The only way to control is "closing all apps," which does NOT. I also have to force close each app. On iOS, I can block each app and that's it.

  4. Was busy watching this video of +Armando Ferreira and realized that it was my comment on g+ that he swiped away first. Lol wat a coincidence.

  5. this has been six months already. Coming from an iOS experience, I am thinking of getting a moto g just for fun.

    I love the iPhone experience. As much as I'm frustrated with the screen size, it's still kinda useable. Videos looks okay. Google apps on iOS is very laggy since iPhone 4s. But inertia scrolling on zite, pocket, safari, Instagram still trumps my nexus 7.

    I love the do not disturb feature on iOS, I bet you can customize the android to do the same. I use mine with schedule and I trigger it manually when I watch videos or playing. I'll check the notification when I'm done. It's different enough from silent mode to be super useful.

    So when people say apple is for lazy people. I guess now the world have turned for the better.

  6. Hello sir, great video by the way.. I wanted to ask u a few questions regarding ios. I have been using android throught my life and never had a chance to own an ios product so please help. 1. Is there a file manager system in ios like we use in android(es file explorer).?? 2) I use a lot of torrent application( ttorrent pro) on android for downloading stuff. Can I use it on ios and most importantly do I have to keep the screen on as well as the app on to complete the downloading ? 3) can I use a 3rd party player in ios for playing videos in any format as we do in android( mx player ) or do we have to first convert the video on pc and then add it to the device??
    Thanks for the video
    Regards, please reply

  7. In Youtube, if I make the video smaller and search other video, the video will be cover on ios since android will not. And Chromecast setup app also get much more steps and time to do.

  8. I appreciate the review, very detailed. However, I do have to say I do not think this was unbiased. You have a android shirt and android clock in your background while having a video about all the things android can do that apple can't. It is clear that you have already made up your mind on which is better.

  9. What I can see u have no idea how to use an iOS phone I had no problem with that n I know u said is ur opinion but when I went back to my adriod phone it was like why doesn't this do this like a smart phone I have lots of problems with my adriod but apps on adriod is a really big deal with me so I use my ios device more often

  10. Armando, I'm sorry but you really are being bias to Android, also realize that iPhone's were meant more for uploading to mac and iCloud. Dropbox is a separate app from android. This video is one of the most cringe worthy ones to even listen to and probably for you to make. (Also your parties are probably just sitting down with 2 friends and talking about how bias you are to iOS vs Android, which me disliking your video is sad because i personally prefer Android.)

  11. "It is based off my experience" is pretty much the definition of "biased". There really isn't any way to avoid personal bias at all in anything, either. If you had never touched Android and only iPhone, your experience might be different.

    That being said, I think it is also good to note the side-by-side comparisons done that those, I think, really prove the point you are trying to make. App integration, for one, with the Android account management, sharing, and bluetooth pairing are just… so much better on Android than they could ever be on Apple's architecture.

  12. dude if you have so many complains about iphone then send it to me, also this video sucks..and u are not good as markus brownlee, phonebuff,phonedog,& android authority..u r making us fool…

  13. I recently got an iPhone 5s while I am an Android fanboy. I prefer my rooted Note 2. I had similar experiences with my iPhone. I do like the better picture and screen quality with the iPhone.

  14. Dropbox is for Andriod and iCloud is for iOS, And it is bias and Android log also. I prefer to use the iPhone than the other Phones because "simplicity is beauty"  

  15. The moral of the story, if you like to customize your device, use third party apps, browse your file system, etc. Get android. If you like simplicity, and having things laid out for you. Get IOS. I have used both, and I can say that Android has many more facets that you can manipulate to your liking. You have to be a bit more saavy, but in the end it's more robust. Just look at tasker… You can open your garage door at your house based on your current location if you want. With android you can even do penetration testing on networks. RFA nuff said.

  16. Android is crap. Ive only had an iphone for a yr, android for 5. N android was by far the worst experience ever. The amount of crashes on android is annoyn.