iPhone 6 backlight repair , black dim screen, no light

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How to repair, fix iphone 6 backlight , black dim screen, no light.
If you have backlight issues: you can’t see image on the screen or it is very dark, or your backlight is gone completely then we can fix it.

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  1. hi my iPhone 6 screen is all black but it works if i call and slide my finger across the bottom it answers the call but the screen is jst completely black. i opened it up and made sure everything thing was connected, held down the power n home button and still nothing. do you know whats wrong? if there is a way to fix it without losing any of my data on my phone.

  2. i have a iPhone 5s and the screen is black but you can see it get a bright black when you press the power button. ive looked for many videos and search it up and couldnt find out whats wrong could you help me??

  3. Hello, I have iPhone 6 here with broken backlight. On motherboard I dont see any damage of SMD components. How I could check if Backlight IC (if I good assume, it is that thing what you changing) is working or not? Thanks for any ideas!

  4. just a question. i have the same exact issue with my iphone 6 and the tech said that there a 50/50 chances of my iphone getting fix since the light IC is near the processor and it may damage the processor if the light IC gets heated?

  5. Hello, I have an iPhone 6 Plus it had very minimal water damage, no corrosion visible. I already cleaned the board with iso 99% and heated the board properly. The iPhone powers on but the screen stays black-dark blue. It responds to the power button, on and off but stays in the black-dark blue screen. The LCD connector seems fine could you please let me know what you think?

  6. Hallo. Habe beim 6s das selbe Problem. Filter sind alle okay, connector auch und long screw schaden ist es auch nicht. Also bleiben nur noch diode, coil und IC. Wie prüfe ich dies am besten?

    Liebi grüess us dr Schwiz