iPhone 6 – Complete Beginners Guide

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This iPhone 6 Beginners Guide covers Everything about the iPhone 6, from iOS 8 to the Control Center, this 15 Chapter Video Guide has Everything you need to become an iPhone 6 Expert.
***Chapter Guide Below*** | iPhone 6S Complete Beginners Guide:

Chapter 1, Physical Features: 0:35
Chapter 2, Cables & Headphones: 3:57
Chapter 3, Lockscreen: 6:29
Chapter 4, Changing Wallpapers: 8:34
Chapter 5, Passcode & Touch ID: 10:58
Chapter 6, Control Panel: 15:32
Chapter 7, Notification Center: 21:45
Chapter 8, Multitasking: 24:45
Chapter 9, Power off your iPhone: 28:25
Chapter 10, Siri: 34:33
Chapter 11, Spotlight Search: 39:42
Chapter 12, Download Apps: 40:54
Chapter 13, Move & Delete Apps: 47:53
Chapter 14, Stock Apps (Built in Apps): 49:58
Chapter 15, Settings: 59:21

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