iPhone 6 Diagnosing and Repairing a Bad Rear Camera

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• Learning the basics – from tools and equipment to the nuts and bolts of the iphone
• How to use ZXW Tools
• No backlight, Touch IC disease, and Charging Problems
• Data Recovery

Equipment used in this video:

Getting Started:

Recommended Tools:
Hot Air Rework Station (Quick 861DW):
ZXW Tools Dongle Software:
Microscope (AmScope SM-4TPX) :
Nano Soldering Tweezers (JBC NASE-1B):
Dual-port Soldering Station (Hakko FM-203):
Micro Soldering Tweezers (Hakko FM-2023):
Microscope Camera:
Digiti Multimeter (Uni-T UT139C):
DC Power Supply:
DC Power Supply iPhone Boot Cables:
Best solder (Kester 44 63/37 0.031″):
Best flux (Amtech NC-559-TF):
Green Solder Mask (Mechanic):

Essential Microsoldering Accessories:

Touch IC Chips (Meson):
Iphone Backlight Components:

Where to get parts and supplies:


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