iPhone 6 in 2017? REVIEW (Worth buying?)

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Should you still buy an iPhone 6?
Note: Since this video, I’ve actually finally bought an iPhone 6 (the one in the video is my friend’s). I love it, and I standby what I said in the video.
I know I need to make an updated review… hopefully soon!

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  1. Should I get this phone or the SE? Because I saw this phone at Walmart 32 GB for 200 new and also saw the SE also 32 GB for 160. Just wanting opinions. That's all.

  2. Currently $199.00 will get you a 32gb iphone 6 on straight talk. This is a great phone in so many ways. Thank you Apple.

  3. Straight talk currently offers the iphone 6 in 32 gb for 199. I love their service and i think its definitely a great price for the plans the offer.

  4. I have the iPhone 6, it's cracked really bad and dropped in a pool but it still works wonders. I really recommend getting this phone.

  5. Lol all the comments are from months ago im just now going from android/LG phones to apple, im buying a 6, will i get a better experience guys, storage is a no brainer lol with my current phone literallt only have 4 gigs to work with

  6. I actually really like your videos and you're actually pretty funny but you didn't even advertise the iPhone SE as much as you did so on the SE video saying to get the iPhone 6 because of the screen size. You literally went "Get the iPhone 6 if you want a bigger screen, but if you like the smaller one it's alright… but get an iPhone 6 if you want a bigger screen!" Like bruh! ?

  7. I have a Oneplus One, and in November, I'm going to upgrade to a different phone? Should I get an iPhone 6? If not, what type of phone should I get?

  8. I like a smaller display so I’m really enjoying my se, just wish that an iOS 11 jailbreak would drop! You can pick up an se cheaper than a 6 in most case and in my opinion the camera is better and it’s much faster.

  9. sold my 6 for a 7 as the lag in ios 11 really slows it down plus that screen bug is another reason to stay away , i sold my 6 and bought my 7 a few weeks before the 8 hit the shops

  10. I don't think it's really worth buying in 2017, the 6S and SE would be much better choices. But if you currently have an iPhone 6, and it working well, it certainly is worth keeping.