iPhone 6 : iOS 10.3.3 vs iOS 11.3 Final Speed Test (Build 15E216)

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According to iOS 11 adoption rate is at 85%, but
there are still 10.5% of devices hanging on to iOS 10.
Most likely due to the idea that iOS 11 will slow their device
down, or due to not wanting to update a jailbroken phone.

So will iOS 11.3 be fast enough for iOS 10.3.3 users to update
their devices, now that they can disable CPU throttling?

I have tested iOS 11.3 against iOS 10.3.3 on the devices
most likely to be slowed down by iOS 11.3. iPhone 5S,
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S

So will iOS 11.3 help increase the adoption rate? Lets test !

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  1. how about 3gb ram e.x 7 plus?
    11.3.1 is faster than 11.3 a little bit.
    10.3.x is faster than 11.3.

    11.3.1 vs 10.3.x
    which is faster?


  2. I'm on an iPhone 6 running iOS 10.3.3. Everything was fine up until today when Google released the Google News app that requires iOS 11 and above. I really want to try this app, it seems promising. Once I can no longer get certain apps and true functionality on my current OS than that's a problem. Glad to see my phone won't become much slower than it already is.

    BTW, for those of you that want to stay on a previous OS and hate the constant downloading and pop ups from Apple prompting you to upgrade, just install a tvOS beta profile.

  3. I am using iPhone 6s on iOS 10.2… haven't faced any major issues with it as of now. Was wondering whether to update to iOS 11.3 or not… wanted to try out the new features of iOS 11, but not at the cost of operating speed… suggestions anyone????

  4. My ip6 lasted for like 6 and half hours (excluding stand by) when it was on ios 10.3.3. , but now it lasts like 5 hours and 15 min(excluding stand by) on single charge after updating to ios 11.3. i know i fucked up, but is everyone getting same usage time?

  5. If your iphone is performing excellent and the battery is perfect,no need to update it will ruined your device,if you want to avail the new features of ios 11 it's better to buy a new and latest iphone

  6. Wish I wouldn't update my SE from 10.3.3 up to 11.3. Battery life decreased. Only thing is that some lags and bugs really are fixed in 11.3, including lagging widget screen.

  7. For me, it doesn't matter iOS 10.3.3 faster than 11.3, because the important thing is apple should make new iOS more stable and improvement in battery management.