iPhone 6 ios 11.2 vs 10.3.3!(Speed test)

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Hey what’s up guys!
In this video i will be comparing ios 10.3.3 to 11.2 in a speed test on the iPhone 6.
Geek bench 1:21.
App launching 1:59.
Ram managment 6:44.
Antutu benchmark 8:35.
Battery life opinion 9:58


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  1. I think the iPhone with iOS 10.3.3 just shows a screenshot on multitasking and they are the same on multitasking, actually better iOS 11.2 since it restarts the apps before 10.3.3; but iOS 11 it’s finally shaping up and turning into a more stable and fast iOS version, good for apple

  2. u must try 3d touch in line or whatsapp chat!! its getting worse at 11.2… the feel is so different, i dont know why, but if you try 3d touch at chat message… is better and its feel like ios 11 or earlier. sorry for bad english