iPhone 6 Review: Excellence Exemplified

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Apple has a lot at stake with its new smartphone: the iPhone 6 brings the company’s first screen-size jump in two generations, and it serves as the launching platform for Apple’s new software platform, iOS8, as well. Find out how well it all works out in our iPhone 6 video review, and stay tuned for our full written review available at Pocketnow very soon!

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  1. My phone just broke and i'm looking for a cheap alternative. I found an iphone 6 64gb on ebay for $285. Is the 6 still a fast enough phone in 2017 with good enough camera, etc?

  2. One thing I don’t like with the iphone 6 that the iphone 5 had was the ability to reply to a text at the top of the screen no matter what else you’re doing in your phone at the time, you use to b able to reply without exiting an existing app that you’re already in. Iphone 6 doesn’t have that special feature & that sucks