iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Full Comparison

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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone 6+) vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Full Comparison From full comparison, drop test, water test, bend & bendgate, here’s our 6 vs 6+ vs S5!
iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Video Playlist:

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In This Video:
– We compare the iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone 6+) vs Samsung Galaxy S5.
– We compare iOS 8 and Android 4.4 KitKat.
– We compare tips & tricks on Android to iOS 8.
– We show hidden features of iOS 8 and Android 4.4 KitKat.

What is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? :

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are iOS smartphones developed by Apple Inc.
The devices are part of the iPhone series, and were released on September 19, 2014.
The iPhone 6 series jointly serves as a successor to the iPhone 5S.
The iPhone 6 series includes a number of major changes over its predecessor, including a streamlined design, models with larger 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays, a faster processor, upgraded cameras, improved LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, and support for a near-field communications-based mobile payments offering.


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  1. I have only ever had iPhones in my life from the 4s to the 5c and I can honestly say the Chargers on the 5/6 suck. I'm on my 12th one already and I do take care of them but they always break even the expensive ones I buy. They always die way way to fast.

  2. I'm a long time iphone fan but for the first time ever I'm not overly excited about where there going right now. I just felt the 5s had a much more premium feel and that the screen was perfect to me. Idk hopefully I'll get on board soon as I've always loved the iphone but I'm just one of the few people who simply didn't want a huge screen. Albeit they still look like probably the best smartphones or at least are in the conversation.

  3. first religion separated people, then politics separated people, and now… different phones separate people…. lol really? its just a phone! but alas i love my iPhone lol

  4. He favors iphone why? Got my s5 a week ago. Battery,fingerprint, water resistant, hearth rate monitor, reads that! And much wider storage and apps etc.  I guess he forgot to mention that.Why you want to go thru apple? So you guys can give them more money? Storage become cheap popp a card in and enjoy.Galaxy s5 superior in my opinion i think iphone is a preference compare to droid remember you can do whatever you like .

  5. Wtf get the phone you want not the phone that everybody els has I mean damn everybody and their mother has an iPhone 6 or plus hell I was in wal mart the other day and saw a ten year old with one what ever happened to being original or just different so please just stop looking for other ppl to give you opinions on what you should like and just be you and do what you like goddamn so many dick riders these days and oh by the way I have a iPhone 5s and I'm switching to something that isn't getting played the fuck out cause some lil white boy or whoever says it's cool to own one

  6. 1) I understand you want to compare the Galaxy S5 by Samsung and the iPhone 6, and 6 Plus by Apple. The two types of phones cannot be compared in such way. One type is an Android and the other type is iOS/Apple. How is it to compare???
    2) The design does NOT matter. If you want to go around saying "The iPhone is better made", go ahead, but you are wrong. People who are materialistic need to step down for once. The Galaxy S5 is built very well. I don't see DAMN Apple trying so hard. Aluminum is VERY COMMON. At least Samsung took some more thought in to design by adding water-proof/resistance to their phone. And to say the Galaxy feels nice in the hand unlike the slick iPhone.
    3) Clearly, people go for iPhone more because they are brainwashed. Yes, it is beautiful, but the design isn't what makes the phone.
    4) Galaxy has a much better amoled display that little ole' iPhone does not have. Designing your Android is so much more possible than with iPhone. This meaning, you have no other launcher on the iPhone than your grid-like apps. While Andriod, you can design your phone to look stunning and use other launchers.
    5) Finally, if you are going to judge a phone by design or what not, then you shouldn't be using a Smartphone. Both are EQUALLY PRICED…. SO STOP COMPARING TWO DIFFERENT OS SKINS

  7. Question, you mentioned that the Samsung s5 did not have image stabilization. My Samsung gs5 has picture stabilization, is that not the same thing??? Thx

  8. This guy is an apple fanboy DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM. You also do not know the definition of hardware. Hardware is what's inside, what makes it tick. in this category the Galaxy kicks ass. What you are talking about is ergonomics, how it fits your personality, which is completely up to each persons individual opinion.

  9. I always appreciate the Samsungs but I truly respect the iPhone. Just wished I could customize my download experience on the iPhone without having to jailbreak it.

  10. I like simplicity. Reason why iPhones suits me better. Now if you look at my channel you can see I was a android lover from my videos. Every since I had my 1st iPhone 3years ago I never came back to android.

  11. It's so hard to look for an unbiased comparison video nowadays.
    This guy is SO apple-fan biased.
    If you want a proper comparison, you do it from a guy who is NOT biased towards apple, not this guy.
    This entire time he's just been degrading Samsung, not even getting to the really good bits like the Ultra Power Saving mode, and when he gets to the obvious goods, he dumbs it down even moreLOL "Samsung is good but..".
    Teach him how to do a proper comparison please, and leave his opinions out of it.
    I mean, seriously… 7:027:17 wow…. you cannot get a more bias applefan to do a comparison job than this guy xD

  12. I have the S5 and its fantastic. But I think in a few years I might try the iPhone 6, but nevertheless I would keep my S5 for years! 🙂

  13. Just because the Samsung's camera isn't fast you should get a iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?What?That's dumb.The camera of the Samsung is AMAZING!

  14. So it's settled.. android wins? here comes the over reacted iPhone users, also Samsung is 10x better than iPhones lmfao.iPhone users THOUGHT they was better

  15. From the his speech one can easily tell where the reviewer stands, obviously for iPhone. making a dumb comment like s5 is the iphone in the android world isnt professional at all. of course the s5 beats the iphone in specs from A-Z and has gotten a lot of features which this guy never talked about. one cannot compare 1.4ghz dual core to a 2.5ghz quad core processing power. the only advantage iphone has over the s5 is IOS isnt heavy and bloated as android is. overall biased!

  16. This kid needs a girl friend and as he states at the end "We have a ton of apple stuff coming your way in upcoming videos".
    He is obviously a biased apple guy and should just name this channel apple tech.

  17. so because iphone 7 plus is the same size as the 6 plus and the samsung galaxy j3 is the same size as the galaxy s5 I searched that so I can see a 7 plus vs j3 comparison because I want my first big phone for Christmas 2017