iPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S5 – Full Comparison

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How Does The iPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S5 Compare? Camera, Speed & Features Review. Which Is Better? Which Should You Buy?

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  1. I was gonna buy an iphone 5 bit I saw the size of it and it looks like a candy bar… I have the s5 neo and I want an iphone, so I'm getting the 6 over the 5.

  2. I just got an s5 for my first phone and I love everyone at my school has an interesting phone and I had one to but I LOVE my s5 wouldn't trade it for the world ps it's wag faster than the 6s I tested it agenst my friends 6s

  3. There's a little known fact, about the S5. Although there are tons of bloatware, that you can't uninstall. You can deactivate them. You simply go into manage apps, tap on whitchever app you want to get rid of. Uncheck notifications for the app. Then tap on disable. It seems to help out memory.

  4. in the benchmark test , he said " nothing is working in the background " about the s5 , well if you look at the notification bar you will see that something is downloading or updating, so whatsup with that

  5. in my opinion
    -fast in charging
    -worst front camera ever
    -not good looking
    -confusing settings
    -idk how is it 16 mp it's horrible

    -better camera quality
    -easy to use
    -looks better
    -battery lasts longer
    -better emojis?

    I'm changing from s5 to iphone 6
    ….Samsung is just bad

  6. Well obviously with a name like EverythingApplePro, we knew this was going to be a biased video. Samsungs are a lot easier to use. Also, the photos I took on my S4 vs my friend's iPhone were way better quality. And that was Samsung S4 vs iPhone 5S ha ha. We can also choose any music or videos we want without having to sync an entire music library from iTunes. Small ass sceen on that iPhone as well. #downwithbiasedcomparisons

  7. EverythingApplePro, you know apple rip you off like you said they charge an extra hundred dollars just to get more memory that should be the only reason to not choose them but u have idiots like yourself who waste money on apple when you could be doing something nice with your money apple is shit end of story.

  8. This guy is really cheating trash. At 6:50 the S5 got double load while doing the CPU bench that it was downloading and installing app so the CPU results rigged obviously.

  9. To be honest I've used every galaxy device since the s3 and the s5 was easily the worst out of all the galaxies. The s5 was full of bugs, the "waterproof" flap thing always broke, it overheated like crazy, the fingerprint scanner was horrible and after a bit it slows down like crazy. The s5 wasn't too horrible but it surely was the worst galaxy