iPhone 6S : iOS 11.2 vs iOS 11.2.1 Speed Test Build 15C153

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So a big welcome to iOS 11.2.1. For sure this is just a bug fixing release, no new features has been found yet. But hopefully some of the bugs fixed could be better optimization of performance, animations and others that impact the usage of the devices.

I will run the standard tests on the older devices (5S,6,6S and 7) to see if there has been anything improved. Since it is a .x.1 release
I am not expecting much, but lets see..

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  1. If you guys want SE videos so bad maybe donate to him. He's not a rich YouTuber and needs help. My opinion is I'd much rather see iPhone 8 videos.

  2. My geekbench score stops at 1600 – 2500. My 6s is also very slow. What should i do? I didn't leave Low Power Mode on. I also replaced my battery with a new one.