Iphone 6s Plus Ios 11.1.2 Vs 11.2.1

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Hey what is up guys !
In this video i will be comparing an iphone 6s plus running ios 11.1.2 to an iphone 6s plus running ios 11.2.1 .
Boot up 0:20
Geekbench 1:25
Speed test (stock apps) 1:51
(3rd party) 3:12
Ram management 4:24
Antutu benchmark 6:30


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  1. The new ios which keeps on getting release doesn't affect the speed that much, what people are annoyed by is the battery performance cuz it sucks.

  2. does ios 11.2.1 on iphone 6s plus slowdowns the device and how about the battery performance?
    im on ios 9.3.1
    should i update to ios 11.2.1?