iPhone 6S Plus VS Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & S6 Edge Plus Full Comparison!

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How Does iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Compare? vs S6 Edge Plus Also. Camera, Speed Test, Battery & Features Review. Which Is Better? Which Should You Buy?


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  1. In the graphical test, it wasn't a fair comparison because ios has crazy optimization and a lower screen resolution. The lower screen resolution really makes a big difference. just an FYI.

  2. 6:04 of course the iPhone loaded the game faster…. you clicked the iPhone first. Sometime this guy can be so biased towards phones….

  3. Actually even in mid 2017 the Edge Plus wins this for me.
    The Iphone is just plain ugly with those horrible big clunky edges and ios 10 is ageing badly. Its just stale & Old. The Note 5 looks dated although the spen functionality is useful to me and i miss my note 4 for this alone.
    The s6 edge plus is just beautiful and functions like a champ, the 4 gigs of ram really show thru on this thing. Everytime my GF puts hers down i cant help picking it up and feeling a little envious.
    I have a love hate relationship with samsung but this thing gets my total admiration.
    Sorry but next to my iphone 6plus the sammy s6 plus just oozes class & style…even in 2017

  4. The Note 5 is undoubtebly better in terms of specs, camera and design but I MUST commend iPhone for making the battery last so long on the 6s. And with the design, the Note 5's almost bezel-less edges are wonderful but the wider design of the iPhone is easier to grip I think, but I have large hands for a young person sooo..

  5. He says that the edge on the s6 edge + isn't that useful, and I agree with him. But, when he says that the 3d touch is, I just don't see why. I would never use it. The S-pen though, that's a must have for me.

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