iPhone 7 Camera Guide – 20 Tips, Tricks and Settings

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Apple’s continues its tradition of making sure their lastest smartphone, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, is packed with one of the best cameras on the market.

This quick camera guide of 20 tips is designed to get you started with the world of smartphone photography.

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  1. After many failed attempts, vidyo finally loaded on my phone. When I try to record using vidyo, it crashes my iPhone and restarts the phone. Is there a way I can fix this?

  2. Do you know how I can lower the brightness of the flash when I take a picture? It's really really bright and it hurts my eyes please help anyone

  3. I've seen several of your iPhone videos. Suggestion: clean the screen and back of the iPhone you'll be using in the video and photos! Irks me that you're posing a phone that is dirty, with fingerprints and streaks.

  4. Hi! I am having a problem with the colors turning out right in my photos. I am trying to photograph a greenish turquoise top and skirt but no matter what I do the camera makes them look blue instead of green. I even use the filter thing and choose one but none of them are right. Everyone else just points and shoots and get food pics. Why does green always photograph as blue and my blues as purple?

  5. #12 has now been updated and now you can select which part of the video you see as the pic. this is painful when transferring to a computer as it comes up as a video not a pic