Iphone 7 Plus battery Life [Review]

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Possibly the best smartphone battery life out there. What do yall think?

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  1. on iOS, usage is much more than screen on time. it also counts the time while the phone was awake and doing things in the background even if the screen is off. its sad that Apple doesn't even let us check the sot

  2. Which iOS version were you running when you ran the test?I have my iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10.1 but the standby time is ridiculous.I literally lose 2% battery every 15-20 minutes on STANDBY!!!!!When I first got the phone,I updated to 10.1.1 and it wasn't like this.But for the last two days it has been like this.Two days ago,I had 67% left on my 7 Plus when I went to sleep and when I woke up,I only had 5% of battery!!!

  3. I have same model. Im using in normal settings, screen brightness auto, on 3G or WiFi . I put charge when its %20. I usually get 7 hours. If i play games a lot 6 hours . But im getting it in 35-40 hours. 7 hours screen in 40 hours. If i finish all battery i get 9 hours .
    How is my battery performance?

  4. i have been using my phone with almost every feature on like gps bluetooth surfing internet and has little poor network phone signal. I get only 3 and half hours on usage, is this okay to consider normal battery life ?

  5. Seems odd you didn't discuss brightness level as that plays a significant roll. Can your approximate the percentage level you use your phone at and if you keep auto-brightness on?

  6. I wish apple would give us the screen on time instead of usage , as both usage and standby, screen on time are all diffrent.
    even if u use music player with screen off it will be counted as battery usage time.