iPhone 7 Plus Review: Two Months Later

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We have used the iPhone 7 Plus as our daily driver smartphone for the past two months and these are our thoughts of the device. How do you think Apple’s latest flagship smartphone stacks up to the competition?

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  1. wanting to switch things up regardless of OS… Coming from a Nexus 6P Should I wait for the next iPhone 8 or purchase a 7+ now if I can get a deal ?

  2. I've had mine for about a week and the cellular reception absolutely SUCKS compared to my prior iPhones (4, 4s, 5s) but it blows my prior iPhones out of the water in every other aspect

  3. i wish i can get a matte black iPhone 7 plus !:( lucky. i can not financially afford one ! or my parents can not financially afford one :(:( I'm stuck with my old, slow an glitchy samsung ,which sucks because I'm going to college in 2 months . And i try to enter in giveaway but NEVER EVER win !! and its soo fustrating!! :(:(:(( soo depressed , i wish @PhoneDog can do a giveaway ….

  4. I actually bought it 5 months ago,I was used to the 6s plus and I gotta admit the only I struggle with the 7 plus Headphones,im still confused and the home boutton is kinda weird,BUT I LOVE IT

  5. Losing the headphone jack was a real killer to me. I upgraded and now GREATLY MISS my 6s+. I like to keep a charge on the phone in case of emergencies and I had to buy a adapter to charge and listen at the same time. ?

  6. No shit it's the fucking fastest. It's the lastest iPhone out. Every new iPhone is going to be the "fastest iPhone in the world". Don't fucking manipulate

  7. My goodness, my first video of yours I believe was watching your palm pre review and I would faithfully visit your website and spin the wheel hoping I would win a phone ! I can't believe you're still around ❤️❤️❤️

  8. I have a iPod 6th Gen and I’m might be getting a iPhone 7 Plus rose gold for my birthday or Christmas cause my bday is 3 days apart from Christmas so I’m gonna have to get use to a lot of things and it’s gonna be a HUGE UPGRADE
    Edit: I’ve had an iPod for 4 years

  9. I've been searching for iphone 7 + and galaxy s8 videos for about 3 weeks. the one reason that i was opting for a galaxy s8 is the iphone's lack of headphone jack.

  10. Am I the only one that has the I phone 7 in 2017 after the I phone X came out trying your best not to buy it by watching a crap load of reviews to make yourself feel better about your phone ????

  11. They all serve the same purpose and are the same shit but the only significant difference is the size of each device which offers more room to display for reading and all that kinda stuff.

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