iPhone 7 Plus VS Xiaomi MI 6 VS Huawei P10 Camera Test [4K]

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iPhone 7 Plus VS Xiaomi MI 6 VS Huawei P10 CAMERA TEST [4K]
Xiaomi MI 6 vs Huawei P10 – Battery Life Test & Charging Speed:
Xiaomi MI 6 VS Huawei P10(EMMC) Speed Test:
Specs: 0:21
Color & Exposure: 0:38
Sharpness: 1:29
Zoom: 1:38, 2:30, 5:14
Portrait Mode: 1:56
Portrait: 2:06
Selfie: 2:16
Minimum Focus Distance: 2:39
Exposure Transition: 2:50
Auto Focus: 3:07
Stabilization: 3:21, 5:46
Slow Motion: 3:56
Dynamic Range: 4:11
Low Light: 4:40
Lens Flare: 5:24
4K: 6:00
Conclusion: 6:00

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  1. The comparision, especially in low light scenarios, could have been better, if you picked the P10 Plus, which has the same aperture (f/1.8). Otherwise great video.

  2. Why you never show 100% crop. ?? This is very important. Screen divided in 3 lowers the screen resolution 3 times more and shows nothing but overall picture and color.

  3. Can I just say that the Mi6's stock camera app takes the worst photos on earth, night and day difference with the google camera app, with or without HDR. Still, held up against the competition for alot less!

  4. I have the p10 plus and ngl, I think it's a piece of shit phone that ups itself when it's like. Ohhh my camera is good. Bitch it ain't! It lacks so much sharpness