iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Full Comparison

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In this video, sakitech will compare the iPhone 7 vs the Samsung Galaxy S7, two of the most popular smartphones in the world. We will dive in and take a look at the design, build, processor, camera, battery, dimensions, pricing, and much more. We will then crunch all this information and find out which one is the best for you. Enjoy the ultimate iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 comparison.

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  1. I've had my Samsung for a while, and although the specs are nice it does pale in comparison to the iPhone when it comes to camera and picture quality. My sister has the iPhone. The Samsung in the video looks like the picture is better, but when I used mine in comparison to my sisters it's not. Also, my phone is constantly lagging and apps are crashing a lot while my sisters phone runs more smoothly. I want to say my Samsung is better all around but there are just some areas where it fails. The iPhone is boring though. You can't update themes or change icons. You're stuck with the plain app squares while Samsung I can change my entire look. I can even change out my keyboard. I wish iPhone had those capabilities.

  2. does sammy s7 have the un-turnoff-able stupid beauty face skin smoothing feature as in the s7 edge?
    you know even when you have set that feature to 0, it still smoothens your skin..

  3. S7 Edge has 1440p
    I7 has 720p

    S7 edge has HD resolution
    I7 has crappy LED shit

    S7 edge has expandable storage
    I7 doesn't have that

    S7 has a better camera
    I7 has a worse camera

    S7 can edit photo's and video's better
    I7 is crap at that

    S7 has eye scanner
    I7 doesn't

    S7 has widgets
    I7 doesn't

    S7 has a headphone jack
    I7 doesn't

    S7 has more battery storage and charge
    I7 doesn't

    S7 is around $300 cheaper in Australia
    I7 is expensive

    Samsung has an android charger which means ANY android phone can charge from it
    Apple has 1 charger and has changed it twice for no fucking reason

    Make your choice?!

  4. i guess you if i was confused before, now i am even more. well, quick question: in a real world, which phone would be a ideal for downloading apps relating to web hosting, design, templates, integrating with apps through their app browsing tools?

  5. Any famous game and will be on the android just as fast as ios and android also has emulators which means you can get ds games and even the original NES so i disagree i think android will give you a better gaming experience

  6. Glass and metal are not as slippery in the hand. Glass really attaches to your hand, while smooth metal is really slippery. Also the shape of S7 makes it easier to hold.

  7. i had s6 and it was great phone between the android devices … and get more features against them … the s7 is much better than s6 … the camera is better … resolution better … but samsung purly not a gaming or heavy using device … the gaming is awful and some times in new games get you 20 frames thats unplayble but iphone get you 60 frames any way … and its so smooth …

  8. I am not a apple fan boy but I kinda like the feel of a iphone in your hand and also the android phones used to get slow after a year so going to get a iphone 7

  9. Very good review. So much so it makes me lean towards the S7. Friendly FYI: at 7:50 and 8:35, rather than echo system, it is ecosystem. Pronunciation: ecosystem is ēkōˌsistəm.

  10. I have a Android now, I don't really use customisation at all. I like the iPhone software look, and also design (even tho galaxy s7 has better design). I think i'll buy iPhone..

  11. Sorry but the play store is better. Has more apps, emulators, customization. My apple iPhone can't do anything, and sometimes the apps crash. BOO!