iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Full Comparison

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In this video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs the iPhone 7 . We will do a deep dive into every aspect of the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7, and review all their specs one by one, and then give a final and clear conclusion.

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  1. I just don't get it s8 fanboys aka little kids keep saying oh it look raped next to the s8 it's a older phone like goddamn a phone is a phone you people are so ungrateful

  2. I hate iphone, but still I'm using it now. It's complicated! I had Samsung, Microsoft, and iPhone so far I don't like iPhone. I'm planning to get a Samsung. I was just curious how iPhone works and now I regret I bought one. I have iPhone 7 plus.

  3. I'm using LG G3
    I want to buy a phone iphone 7 or s8 ?
    help me
    and LG g3 still beast no lags but battery drains
    it's 2014 mobile tho it has 4k rec and 1440p display
    But I want to buy a phone
    help me ip7 or s8

  4. the iphone 7s water resistance beat the s8 btw. I know the rating is higher but the s8 gave out completely before the 7 even had any water damage whatsoever

  5. am i the only one that honestly doesn't care about customization on my phone i mean like honestly I've had both phones iphone and Samsung the customization on Samsung/android phones is used literally once to make the phone look the way you want it in the first week you buy it after that it is just a annoying thing you click on from time to time that gets in the way of things you actually want to do customization is unnecessary it takes up precious phone resources and eats system ram. this is why Iphone can get better performance on apps with literally less than half the ram. all of you android fanboys will love to hate this comment because you've never actually owned a iphone once you own a iphone you start to appreciate the simplicity of it and how the things you want to do work extremely well and fluently. i feel this review is highly biased showing the pictures of low light comparison with the iphone when you could clearly of picked a photo during the day that people will most likely prefer i mean who takes pictures in low light? put a comparison of a day time photo that is actually a good comparison of the two phones. might i just add the 3 seconds this guy spent in the video on performance which actually matters the most!!!! if you care anything about usability the iphone doubled the Samsung score in single core performance and the Samsung beat it by 400 on the multi core performance which is a very small difference might i also just add Samsung has double the cores that iphone has and it only manages to beat it by 400 this is a literal joke to be honest. he says in this review "for app driven people this might be reason enough to stick with apple" i'm sorry ohh is there any other things that matter on a phone other than the applications on it??????? everything we do uses apps on our phones. he also mentions how 3D touch is rarely used this is a matter of opinion some people use 3D touch 24/7. not for you to comment on. and one more thing i would like to mention before giving the reasons i would consider a Samsung over a iphone and that is the headphone jack removal i don't know how many of you have multiple headsets that you use on your phone i myself have only one the adapter that is INCLUDED IN THE BOX WITH YOUR IPHONE is simple to attach to your headphone and LEAVE IT THERE to just plug in to your phone this is NO HASSLE WHAT SO EVER and yet everyone complains about having to carry it around with you and how apple is stupid for taking it away. Apple is moving forward by doing this they want a future with wireless headphones this is innovation and quite frankly we need innovation especially in the mobile scene of things it's also not a must they give you the adapter free of charge the only reason it's such a big deal is cause android fanboys love to complain about how apple is stupidly overpriced.

    okay reasons to consider the sumsung s8
    it has a better display hands down i can't argue with that
    bigger battery sure definitely it makes a difference in use time but i would argue standby time on iOS is much more efficient than andriod.
    if you are a business man sure yes the app split makes sense then although i would rather go for a sumsung note then.
    if you're a person that absolutely loves your music (pirated)
    if you're a person that loves changing your phone with customization every week sure yes then go for the samsung

    if you're like me a casual person that loves a simple phone that you KNOW will work 24/7 never get laggy between apps or messaging then go for the iphone it will never let you down i can honestly say once you own a iphone you will understand the points i mentioned here
    last little thing you're comparing last years iphone with this years sumsung you fool.

  6. What no one talks about is "customer support".

    Apple supports their phones up to 5 years . Their 5s is still getting iOS11 and that phone is 5 years old already.

    Samsung's S6 is no longer getting the Orea, and phone is just 2 years old.

  7. I started with iPhone and tried a Sony android phone back in 2012.  was unimpressed with android back then and since went to the iPhone 5s which ive had for about 3years now.  

    Having watched this, I'm sold.  I'm more than willing to give android another chance; what is apple even doing?