iPhone 7: Which version should you buy?

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Should you buy the iPhone 7 Plus of the iPhone 7? How much iPhone 7 storage? 32 GB, 128 GB, or 256 GB? Which iPhone 7 color should you buy? Black, Jet Black, Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver? We discuss each of these buying options in this video commentary.

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  1. I have a rose gold iPhone 6s and is upgrading to an 7. I really like iPhone photography but I am scared the plus is too big. I also am struggling on what color to get. Any help?

  2. I have the regular 7. At first i was kind of happy when i got it. But when time passed, I desperately want to switch to the pluuuuus. But Im still happy with my 7, you don’t get these kind of phones everyday. ?

  3. I get to pick what phone I want for christmas this year, and are having a really hard time deciding on which phone I want to get. I was thinking about getting the 7 plus in black, as in the matte one. HOWEVER I don't know if I want the larger size or not. I can deal with it, but I feel it will draw a lot of attention to my and the phone seeing I'm only 12 lol. Another thing I have to consider is the storage, and how much of it I want. Currently on my i phone 6, I have 16 or something GB and that's not enough, which is the reason why I get a new phone. I usually take a lot of pictures, because my family travels a lot, and need to download many apps for school, productivity, etc… and I'm not sure if that will be enough space. I was also considering the 256 GB just so I don't have to run into those problems, but at the cost of it being much much more. In comparison to the i phone 7, the normal one, I found it resembled my i phone too much, because I don't like smaller models. Another thing I looked at was the i phone 7 was the jet black, but quickly decided that this may not be the best idea because it scratches very easily. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE I NEED HELPPPPP. thanks for reading my essay! 🙂

  4. I like your reviews and your thoughts I think if I want iPhone 7 then I will definitely buy only iPhone 7 regular because it's easy to use and take comfortable and I I am going to mad black it's look stunning and light show I like Matte black iPhone 7 thank you

  5. I do not know way people on Ebay are spending $500-$700 for an iPhone 7 – iPhone 7 plus. When they can dictate the price by not buying those phones when they reach a certain price.  Example, if they reach a price of $300. no body should buy an iPhone 7 -iPhone 7 plus on Ebay.

  6. I know this an old video I just my iPhone 7 matte blacc version only had it a week but so far I love this phone. I wanted the red one but I figured blacc would be solid. Coming from a silver six S I say this phone is way better I ran into one problem with the phone having to charge my phone & use the headphones was a challenge but never the less great phone.

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